Why Cibo?

  • Innovative Fast Oven - Produce a wide range of perfectly-cooked food in less than three minutes

  • Patent-pending combination of three different heat sources - Convection, grill and a heated base to deliver fast results

  • Cook, toast and reheat - Suitable for fresh and frozen foods

  • Space sabing and compact

  • Plug and play - Operates from a 13 amp 3-pin UK plug

  • Ventless cooking - Catalyst technology removes the need for external extraction

  • Clear icons and an easy-to-use touchscreen

  • Great versatility - replace your panini grill, toaster, convection oven and grill

Cibo - High Speed Oven


The Cibo high speed oven can produce a wide range of perfectly-cooked food in less than three minutes. Able to cook, toast and reheat multiple fresh and frozen foods. Cibo’s versatility provides a full cooking platform for outlets, enabling them to expand menus, deliver food of a consistent high quality and maximise profit.

Clear icons and an easy-to-use touchscreen means the Cibo oven can be operated by any member of kitchen staff, regardless of catering experience. To help users get off to a flying start, the unit comes with twelve, standard pre-set programmes. Bespoke recipies can also be added, allowing for menu creativity.

Manufactured at Lincat’s facilities in Lincoln, the Cibo oven is available in four bold colours - black metallic, champagne, merlot and teal - as well as sleek stainless steel, there’s a Cibo for all catering settings - whether it’s on a front-of-house counter, or tucked away in a kitchen.

How Does It Work?

Cibo uses a patent-pending combination of three different heat sources - convection, grill and a heated base, to deliver fast results. Space-saving and compact. It operates from a 13-amp plug and is ventless. This eliminates the need for costly ventilation and makes it suitable for a wide variety of cafes, bars, restaurants and quick-serve outlets, as well as event and mobile catering.

Phased cooking programmes enable each of the three heat sources to switch on and off during the cook cycle to deliver fast results. This producses high-quality, perfectly-cooked food in 2-3 minutes.



Each Cibo oven is supplied with a range of accessories including the following;

  • Paddle

  • Teflon Sheet

  • Baking Tray

  • Wire Rack

  • USB Stick

Additional accessories available include;

  • Wall Bracket

  • Stacking Kit