Ductless Canopy System- Recirculation Extraction

When installing an all electric commercial kitchen you have the option for using a ductless kitchen extraction system.

Offering a high level of filtration to problematic kitchens which have no external ventilation option makes ductless kitchen extraction the ideal solution.

Ductless ventilation hoods are also an option to consider when planning permission is difficult to obtain or has been refused.

Benefits of Recirculation Commercial Kitchen Extraction:

  • Reduce fire risk - significantly reduces fire risk by eliminating duct work to atmosphere
  • Emissions control - catering kitchens produce contaminated emissions which are expelled to atmosphere with traditional extraction - these emissions can be controlled and removed with the recirculation extract system specified by Target.
  • Cost saving -
  • Flexible locations -
  • Approvals -

Recirculation Extraction Removes:

  • Grease
  • Steam
  • Smoke
  • Odour