Induction Zone Options


There are a number of induction zone types designed to suit the varying cooking styles, techniques and needs of today's chefs. Induction zones vary in size, shape and power allowing for different cooking vessel sizes and styles to be used. Target bespoke commercial induction ranges give you the opportunity to configure any mix of zone types, so you can create your perfect suite.


Best for single pan operation circular induction zones provide very even cooking temperatures, and are designed to replicate an open top burner on a gas range.


Offering a larger cooking zone suitable for a single pan or multiple smaller pans, whilst ensuring even heat distribution, without the creation of hot spots.



Similar to the square zone, however the rectangular induction zones give two sensors in the space of one if it were a square zone resulting in greater temperature monitoring of multiple smaller pans.


The wok formed zones allow for those who prefer to use a round wok pan instead of a flat based wok pan to cook efficiently using induction as an alternative to the traditional gas wok range .

Wok zones are available with an additional stainless steel surround should you wish for extra protection for the Ceran® toughened safety glass, to avoid any damage or scratches to the glass when in vigorous use.



The induction solid top offers a cooktop surface with set gradient heat zones. Perfect if you want to go from a rolling boil to simmer by simply sliding a cooking vessel across the hob.

Choose from 2-8 varying temperature zones in either a linear or square configuration. Each zone being programmed and graded to your exact temperature requirements. Grading can be front to back, left to right, clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Induction solid top zones can be used for multiple small pan cooking or larger pan cooking, replicating the traditional gas solid top stove.

Induction Solid Top

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