Instinct Induction Griddles


This ultra-modern induction griddle available with single or multiple heat zones and varying power options provides a cooking surface with a temperature control range setting  between 50 - 230°C, has a very functional non-stick easy-to-clean chrome frying surface with waste collection drawer and a practical timer function. It is exceptionally energy efficient with rapid heat-up times and instantaneous temperature control, the absolutely uniform distribution of heat across the cooking surface is truly unbeatable. 

Instinct induction griddles offer significantly reduced energy consumption thanks to the highly efficient induction technology with optimal energy transfer between the griddle plate with quality surface protection.

Patented RTCSmp® Real Time Temperature Control System technology enables temperature measurement and control down to 1°C over the entire frying time and the entire frying surface with contactless temperature measurement and control in real time for optimal frying results thanks to direct heat transfer from the griddle plate to the fried foods offering a uniform frying zone with temperature deviations being corrected instantly.

Induction Griddle Features Include:

  • Exceptionally high operational safety due to numerous safety features
  • Rapid heating time - from 20-200°C in 3 1/2 minutes for 5kW units and 4 1/2 minutes for 3.5kW
  • Removable air filter insert - simple cleaning; washable and reusable
  • Exceptionally robust and developed for continuous use in food service operations
  • Change of the temperature display from degrees C to degrees F
  • Reduction of the maximum power from 100% to 25%
  • Detection of the mains voltage and automatic import of the optimal parameters
  • Intelligent, reliable protection against overheating
  • Quiet operation - cooling fan is virtually silent yet delivers very good cooling capacity
  • High-resolution cooking at the minimum power level of 1 is possible
  • Timer with automatic power shut-off
  • Surface holding function from 25 to 100°C
  • Uncluttered, elegant display

Timer function


Temperature control


Ultra sleek modern style

"Tip and Turn" Operation - Ingeniously simple, intuitive and reliable


Tip: Light pressure on the control knob activates the appliance


Turn: The desired temperature level can be set by turning the knob