Air Replacement Systems

To ensure the safe removal of byproducts of burning fuel and the replenishment of combustion air you must have an air replacement system.

Air replacement systems should be forced fan powered and filtered as well as interlocked to the gas supply to prevent use of equipment without an adequate commercial kitchen ventilation proven and established.  Fixed permanent supply air vents allow fresh air unrestricted and free flowing into kitchens are permitted.

Strict air quality conditions must be manufactured in kitchens to ensure world health organisation safe levels of exposure to carbon dioxide build up of 2800ppm is not exceeded.  CO2 monitoring systems and alarms are available for this and should be interlocked into commercial kitchen extraction systems.

Ventilation in kitchens and production areas should insure a minimum of 10 air changes by volume of the room per hour are achieved in accordance with CIBSE and RIBA guidelines.