Commercial Kitchen Extraction

Commercial kitchen extraction is an essential part of every catering establishment. The kitchen extraction system ensures a healthy and safe environment for members of staff and customers alike by removing heat, grease and smells along with the harmful by-products generated during cooking processes by catering equipment positioned beneath.

Target has put measures in place to quality assure each individual commercial kitchen canopy installation.  As the basis for each site specific extraction system design, Target's design engineers use the latest BESA specification for kitchen ventilation systems, DW/172 second edition 2018, to ensure every kitchen ventilation system will comply with the very latest regulations.


Commercial Kitchen Extraction Design

A commercial kitchen extraction design can comprise of different configurations to suit commercial kitchen design layouts and site specific constructional details as well as catering equipment types and choice of fuels typically gas, electric, charcoal and solid fuel.

Target's commercial kitchen extraction design and installation services include:

  • extraction canopy

  • extractor ducting

  • carbon filtration system

  • filters

  • speed controller

  • lighting

  • gas safety interlock system

  • replacement air systems

  • odour control systems

In order to select the commercial kitchen canopy installation to meet your requirements and comply with commercial kitchen extraction regulations, you will need a detailed commercial kitchen ventilation design and specification to suit your kitchen operation. 

At Target we can carry out an initial site survey in order to assess your requirements.  We will then provide you with a report based on our findings and if required submit design plans and specifications for your required planning permissions.

Planning Conditions Relating to Commercial Kitchen Extraction

Being granted planning permission for property use as either A3 restaurant or A5 hot food takeaway is in many cases subject to conditions put in place by Local Planning Authorities. Prior to properties being brought into said uses, properties are typically required to submit and have approved by Local Planning Authorities details of any measures to be installed to prevent and control noise and odour emissions.

At Target we carry out site surveys and prepare commercial kitchen extraction design details and specifications required for the discharge of these planning conditions. Target design consultants prepare commercial kitchen extraction systems to suit proposed kitchen layouts based on the very latest BESA specification for kitchen ventilation systems DW/172 second edition 2018.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Installers

Commercial kitchen canopy installation can be simple or complicated depending on the many variables that all need to come together to ensure the complete system works.  Often extraction canopies can be installed with others fitting ductwork and fans that may not always be correctly matched. 

Target design engineers ensure all components including canopy, ductwork, fans and filters are matched and the installation team takes care of everything including install, final commissioning, testing and certification.  This includes removal of protective plastic films ready for final deep clean and handover.

Manufactured and installed to suit individual and operational kitchen design requirements Target's commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are available as an individual unit or as part of a complete ventilation system.

All Target exhaust hoods are manufactured to BESA DW172 specification for commercial kitchen ventilation systems. 

Extraction Canopy - Gas Equipment 

A commercial kitchen extraction canopy is required to remove odour and heat and also the harmful by products of combustion such as carbon monoxide gasses which are produced from the combustion process when cooking using gas appliances.

Extraction canopies for gas appliances should over-sail catering equipment by a minimum of 300mm, they will also require an external high level exhaust point in order to meet environmental health commercial kitchen canopy regulations and also a gas interlocking system to comply with BS6173 regulations.

 HSE Information Sheet - Gas Safety In Catering And Hospitality

Extraction Canopy - Electric Equipment 

When no gas connection is available or commercial kitchen extraction installation costs need to be kept to a minimum, you may consider an all electric commercial kitchen incorporating powerful commercial induction cooking technology.

Induction cooking does not give off any harmful byproducts.  It also reduces the amount of excess heat produced within the kitchen compared to when cooking using gas appliances.  As a result of this reduced heat the commercial kitchen canopy is able to run more efficiently using lower speed controller settings.  Using an all electric cookline also removes the requirement for a gas safety interlock system to be installed.

HSE Information Sheet - Ventilation In Catering Kitchens

gas catering equipment
induction cooking suite

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Requirements

Constructed from brushed, commercial grade 304 stainless steel, each extract canopy is designed to overhang cooking equipment on all sides.  The underside of the canopy should be positioned about 2m from the floor to enable it to function correctly removing contaminated air from catering equipment positioned below.

The components of the extraction canopy may include:

  • Filters - each canopy will include appropriate filters to enable adequate extraction and eliminate the buildup of grease and other dust particles in the air inlets ensuring that the extraction canopy works efficiently.

  • Fans and Speed Controller - fans for moving fumes from the hood to the ducts, these are ERP compliant, suitable for low voltage inverter speed control.

  • Drip Channel and Drawer - an essential part of the Target canopy is the drip channel which collects water vapour produced when hot air hits the cold surface of the hood. Without the drip channel condensed air will collect and drip down the back and sides of the exhaust canopy and may contaminate food being prepared beneath. The drip channel drawer allows for easy removal of the collected mositure.

  • Canopy Lights - the Target manufactured canopies comprise of bulkhead UL approved fittings with LED energy saving lamps fitted or recessed LED fittings. All our lights are heat resistant with shatter-proof lenses and easy clean surfaces.



The wall mounted extraction canopy is suitable for use with equipment positioned in a cookline backing onto a wall.


An island extraction canopy covers equipment which is centrally fixed in an island configuration.  The island hood can be single or double sided as required.


The condensate hood is designed to capture, condense and remove steam from steam generating appliances such as dishwashers and combination ovens.


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