Target Leads the Way with Innovative Catering Equipment

Target Catering Equipment wins Business Show Innovation Award for changing perceptions of commercial kitchens.

Pictured from left: Liz Pedrette, Nicola Pedrette, David Pedrette, Mark Owen, Charlotte Pedrette

Target Catering Equipment announced as winners of the Gloucestershire Business Show 2016 award for ‘Innovation in Business’. As trail-blazers within the foodservice industry, Target Catering Equipment have worked tirelessly over the past 8 years to change business owners and chefs’ perceptions of commercial kitchens across the UK, through the development of innovative catering equipment.    

“If you can’t stand the heat keep out of the kitchen” used to be the saying but with Target Catering Equipment’s innovative approach to developing technology, this is no longer the mantra of chefs.

“Need - is the mother of invention and innovation” Recognising that cooler more efficient kitchens were needed by business owners, in order to minimise overhead costs, improve working conditions and attract the best chefs to work in their commercial kitchens, Target began research and development into commercial induction cooking equipment which had previously been written off by larger manufacturers, preferring gas for speed, controllability and cheap manufacturing costs.

With the Government also striving to reach Kyoto 2020 energy reduction and reduced carbon footprint targets, commercial kitchens have been regarded as high energy consumers with massive energy waste and increased carbon emissions that are now under increased scrutiny by the Carbon Trust who have continued to implement new initiatives to reduce energy consumption, and waste and increase renewable energy supplies.

Through Target’s continued development and ability to custom manufacture equipment to suit individual requirements, induction cooking technology is now considered by many within the industry as one of the best forms of cooking technology. Businesses making the decision to invest in the latest innovative catering equipment are seeing the instant and long term benefits of becoming a more sustainable and efficient business.

Gloucestershire is becoming a hub for green energy innovation design and development with many other specialist businesses located to the area. Target Catering Equipment continues to develop new ideas and technologies within the foodservice industry combined with other leading European manufacturers of equipment, and anyone who is interested in improving their business by investing in the latest innovative commercial kitchen equipment should contact Target.