Target and Frima Send Heavenly Help to The Angel Inn

Gloucester-based Target Catering Equipment has redesigned and outfitted a new kitchen for The Angel Inn at Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire. The hotel and restaurant's kitchen was refurbished to reflect and deliver a blend of contemporary and traditional styles, it was therefore decided that the Frima VarioCooking Centre would be the appliance of choice. 

As much as possible, Head Chef Adam Clayton makes everything in house, from bread to mayonnaise, so the equipment in the kitchen had to be reliable and multifunctional..exactly what the Frima VarioCooking Center is about.

The 112T is the first tabletop model of its type, the 112T combines the functionality of a wide range of conventional appliances while its size allows it to be used in smaller kitchens that larger multifunctional models.

The Angel Inn's Head Chef comented:

"I will admit, at first I was a bit sceptical that it could do everything it was supposed to, but now we've had it for a while we're really happy with it".
"It's very versatile. I can use one pan to make stocks and sauces, while the other side cooks meat."

Despite measuring just 962mm wide by 800mm deep and 400mm high, the 112T has two 14 litre pans, giving it the same capacity as its larger sibling, the VCC 112. It can replace kettles, tilting pans, bratt pans, fryers and griddles, and its clever technology it contains means it's up to four times faster and saves up to 40% in energy consumption compared to conventional appliances.

The cooking processes are automatic and fully monitored by built-in VarioCooking Control system with notifications for when user input is required, allowing even delicate ingredients to be cooked easily.

Clayton added:

"The temperature control is great. If you want your meat and fish to be seared and browned to a certain colour, it comes out the same every time."
"We now have an all-electric kitchen, no gas at all. The 112T heats up so quickly, so there's no need to have the burners on all the time. The kitchen is much cooler now, plus it saves energy and money."

It's also simple to clean and maintain.

"It's got the built-in water hose, so you can clean it as soon as it's finished," says Adam, "Plus it's mounted on wheels, so we can easily move it to clean around it."

With an average of 60-70 covers a day during the week and as many as 120 at the weekends, the 112T has become an invaluable addition.

"It saves us a lot of time - it now takes just an hour to prepare a batch of soup, for example, and there's no need to keep an eye on it. Just start it off, and once the program is complete the food is ready to go."