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Commercial Plancha Goes Front Of House At Tapas Restaurant Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - February 2014

Commercial Plancha Goes Front Of House At Tapas Restaurant

Tapas bar operators, Imogen and Kieran, owners of Bravas Bristol, chose a highly polished, high chrome steel Target commercial plancha to sit front of house at their new venture, Bakers & Co located on Gloucester Road, Bristol.

The plancha is to be the main focal point, sitting alongside a multi deck Tom Chandley bakery oven.  Ideal for fast, front of house cooking the countertop plancha has totally separate plancha plates ensuring no cross contamination of product during peak time cooking.

commercial plancha


Having previous experience cooking on a plancha, chef Imogen chose Target's double plancha because of its quality and separate plate design.  The separate plancha plate design, as well as ensuring no cross contamination of flavours, also ensures energy efficiency, as when only one plate is in use, little heat is lost to the second plancha plate.  This lack of heat creep from one plate to the other is also important when different working temperatures are required.

The Target commercial double plancha is a unique design with two seperate plates rather than a single plate with a machined divider in the middle of the plate, as can be found in other double plancha products.  Grease gullies around each plate maintain this total separation and drain into a large capacity drainage drawer enabling easy cleaning all around.

For further commercial plancha information please call 01452 410447.



Commercial Induction Cooking Range Completes All Electric Cookline
Commercial Catering Equipment News - January 2014

Commercial Induction Cooking Range Completes All Electric Cookline

When On The Waterfront Pub, located on Exeter's historic quay, was preparing for yet another busy year, a commercial induction cooking range was commissioned in order to help keep up with demand at this unique restaurant and waterside pub.

A double plancha, to enable ultra fast grilling and searing of meat and fish dishes, was paired with an electric induction cooktop completing the all electric cookline in this busy kitchen.  With the two separate cooking zones allowing the plancha plates to be used individually or together as demand dictates, also cutting down on the considerable amount of pot and pan washing up in the kitchen.

On The Waterfront Pub, Exeter commercial induction cooking range installation commercial induction cooking range

The unique Target plancha design enables the heat to radiate from the centre out across the mirror polished plates, cooling towards the outside edges and providing the graduated heat chefs love.

Coupled with energy efficient induction hobs for pot and pan work the cooking suite is ideal.  Designed by the consultant chef for South Devon Inns to increase profitability and improve working conditions in the vaulted cellars of the listed waterfront building kitchen.


commercial induction cooking range

Incorporated into the induction cooking range is the latest Adande energy efficient refrigeration drawer unit, favoured by chefs for its accurate cold holding characteristics and dual function as either a fridge or a freezer which can be activated at the flick of a switch as need demands.

Mounted on heavy duty castors which make light work of moving the cooking range for cleaning and general maintenance.

For further information please call 01452 410477.

Commercial Range Cooker Solves Case For Ince Law Chefs
Commercial Catering Equipment News - December 2013

Commercial Range Cooker Solves Case For Ince Law Chefs

The Target commercial range cooker, incorporating inbuilt cooking equipment along with induction cooktops, offers chefs the ultimate choice to suit every cooking style uniquely designed for individual requirements.

The latest Target induction range cooker was designed and installed for International Law Firm, Ince & Co in a top floor, private dining facility close to Tower Bridge and overlooking the St Catherine's Dock Marina.

With ever increasing energy costs, businesses looking to reduce overheads are replacing old, costly to run cooking equipment with new energy efficient equipment that can save them in operating and running costs.  Not only does induction cooking reduce costs, with energy efficiencies of some 90% compared to traditional gas and electric range cookers, it also improves the working environment and reduces health and safety hazards in the catering kitchen.

commercial range cooker


Chefs love induction as it's fast and controllable, just like gas but without the generation of excess heat which can waste up to 70% of the heat generated.  Induction cooking keeps kitchens much cooler thus reducing the need for excessive ventilation systems.

The commercial range cooker, designed and manufactured for Ince & Co, incorporated a high spec FriFri fryer with an easy to use manual oil filtration system which allows the cooking oil to be filtered and reused.  Providing maximum output, the fryer's advanced frying technology provides lower oil absorption and produces consistently crisp results for healthier food.

commercial range cooker commercial range cooker commercial range cooker

The Target commercial range cooker is easy to keep clean with seamless cooking surfaces and easy wipe clean induction cooktop, thus time is saved, and the drudgery of cleaning reduced.

Happy days for all that work in catering kitchens as well as for those that pay the bills!

For further Target induction cooking range details please call 01452 410447.




Gloucester Rugby Chooses Electric Induction Cooking Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - November 2013

Gloucester Rugby Chooses Electric Induction Cooking

Target Catering Equipment beat off fierce competition to secure a place supplying and fitting the new fine dining kitchen in the Legends Lounge Restaurant at Gloucester Rugby.

Gloucester Rugby's finance director and club secretary, John Parker, wanted to upgrade facilities at the club in preparation for World Cup corporate entertainment.  Several local catering equipment businesses were invited to tender for the works.


commercial kitchen installation induction cooking range Gloucester Rugby - Kingsholm


After considerable research, the club decided that an all electric kitchen incorporating an induction cooking range was the answer.  Designed, manufactured and installed by Target, the kitchen design utilised to the full the tiny space available and would allow for meals to be prepared and cooked efficiently in house at this famous sports venue.

induction cooking range

Along with solving the kitchen ventilation issues associated with the enclosed kitchen, and complying with the fire and safety regulations at the stadium, Target's energy efficient and safe induction cooking range would once again provide the centre piece for the kitchen.

Target's innovative commercial kitchen design and bespoke manufacture combining induction cooking with a Blue Seal convection oven, Rational combi ovens and a balanced air ventilation system proved to be a winning combination at Gloucester Rugby.

For further information please call 01452 410447

Professional Cooking Range Takes Centre Stage At Anderson's Henley Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - November 2013

Professional Cooking Range Takes Centre Stage At Anderson's, Henley

Following their Birmingham city venue success, Anderson's Bar And Grill recently opened Anderson's At The Bull's Head, near Henley in Arden.  Along with a total front of house revamp and rebrand, this countryside venue now boasts a high-tech professional cooking range as the centre piece of its kitchen refurbishment.

Wanting a professional cooking range designed and built to his exacting standards, Dan Anderson visited Target Catering Equipment to trial Target's latest induction cooking technology and investigate how it could be incorporated into a bespoke induction range.


professional cooking range professional induction range cooker professional cooking range


Combining a Blue Seal convection oven, French plancha and water chargrills with heavy duty induction hobs, a customised, induction cooking suite was designed to suit Anderson's style of cooking and the space available in the kitchen.

The induction cooking suite exceeded Dan's expectations and he quickly got to grips with cooking on the plancha grill producing various elements of Anderson's unique menu.


"... the ability to control and hold precise temperatures whilst in a busy service is a breath of fresh air!  Truly stunning equipment.  Target are the future."

Dan Anderson


professional cooking range

A unique cooking style demands a unique piece of equipment, so, by designing your own cooking suite, this will guarantee that you have the right cooking equipment for the job.

Design your own induction cooking range with the help of Target's experienced design team.

Please call 01452 410447 for further information.

Marine Galley Equipment Completes Tall Ship Renovation Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - November 2013

Marine Galley Equipment Completes Tall Ship Renovation

Tall ship Kaskelot recently left Gloucester Docks following a complete refit and renovation.  Together with new marine galley equipment, new main propulsion engine and power generators, new mechanical and electrical control and navigation systems, and newly painted hull, she looks magnificent and has been transformed to a new gleaming vessel.


marine galley stainless steel fabrication marine galley equipment tall ship Kaskelot marine galley equipment


Hidden in the aft accommodation is a new all stainless steel marine galley.  Designed, manufactured and installed by Target Catering Equipment of Gloucester, the marine galley includes a cooking suite which incorporates the very latest Target induction cooking technology and replaces old, inefficient LPG gas cookers.



The new induction hob cooker produces little or no waste heat which makes the galley a much cooler and safer place to work in.  The reduced running costs and reduced fuel consumption are also very important on a vessel of this type.

The galley has everything you would expect to find in a commercial kitchen and has been squeezed into a small space which had no level surfaces.  Bespoke fabrication and adjustable height equipment had to be manufactured to suit a deck varying in height forward, aft and athwart ships.


marine cooking equipment stainless steel marine fabrication marine galley equipment


Target worked with yacht designers and project managers to ensure a galley was produced on time and on budget ready for the ship to sail.  Her new owners Sportcel, are a sports and events marketing company and tall ship, Kaskelot will now enjoy a new role in corporate hospitality and marketing around the world.

The ship is a great working exhibit of fine traditional craftsmanship undertaken by ship builders Tommi Nielsen and Co, based in Gloucester Docks.  The refit also used the skills and products of many other local manufacturing businesses.

For further marine galley equipment information please call 01452 410447.

Induction Cooking Tranforms Restaurant Kitchen In Gas Street Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - October 2013

Induction Cooking Transforms Restaurant Kitchen In Gas Street

An induction cooking system now takes pride of place in a restaurant kitchen after Mark Rafferty, Chef Patron at The Pickled Piglet, located in Gas Street, Birmingham kicked out his old electric radiant plate range cooker and replaced it with a bespoke induction range cooker.

With the old radiant plate range consuming vast amounts of electricity and producing lots of heat which made the kitchen intolerably hot to work in, Mark decided that the best way to cure the problem was with an energy efficient induction cooking system.


Chef Mark Rafferty cooking on French plancha commercial induction range French plancha


With the help of Target Catering Equipment, Mark designed his own induction cooking suite to optimise all the available space within his tiny kitchen.

Target's slide top induction, with a single, variable control knob, reproduces gas and electric radiant plate solid top style of cooking with a graduated heat induction cooking surface.


pots and pans on induction cooktop induction cooking induction cooking range


The Target plancha grill also allows for extra high temperature cooking without the need for a pan, this saves on the washing up and the need for extra pans.


commercial induction range wioth French plancha grill

By incorporating two Blue Seal drop down door ovens, with simple to use thermostatic control, manual timers and contra rotating fans for even oven temperatures, underneath the induction cooktop, Mark now has a seamless, powerful induction range which is not only energy efficient but also easy to clean.

For further information about Target's bespoke induction ranges please call 01452 410447.


Professional Induction Ranges - Made For You Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - September 2013

Professional Induction Ranges - Made For You

When Rudding Park Hotel, Yorkshire needed to upgrade its cookline to reduce temperatures and improve working conditions, Development Chef, Matthew Wilkinson was tasked with researching the options to find the best solution.

Having researched many induction range options, Target's unique cooking ranges, designed and manufactured at Target's Gloucester factory, were chosen as they provided exactly what the Rudding Park kitchen needed.

Target professional induction ranges incorporate the very latest induction cooking technology and along with an all stainless steel box section manufactured chassis provide strength and durability.  The induction technology used by Target provides the ability to mount the induction power generators up to 6 metres from induction hob coils allowing the coils to remain cool and able to cope with heavy duty use needed when installed in busy commercial kitchens.


professional cooking range professional cooking ranges catering ranges


With all Target's range cookers designed and manufactured individually to suit exact requirements, designs were prepared for Matthew's approval.  The induction range tops are hand crafted and The Rudding Park Hotel's induction ranges included one with a welded in French plancha grill and one including a small sink and tap.  Other options available include griddle plates, water vapour chargrills, pasta boilers and bain maries to suit the requirements of the chefs.


professional induction range Chef Matthew Wilkinson professional induction range cooker professional induction range cookers


Once assembled, all the ranges were fully tested in-house using computer diagnostics and then configured to suit the kitchen's power requirements.

Along with the induction range cookers, the kitchen upgrade included Quick Therm Salamander grills with automatic temperature control and auto stop start features.  The induction range installation took place after the busy service in the evening and prior to the start of the breakfast shift in the morning causing little disruption to the busy hotel's dining schedule.


professional induction range

Target encourages factory visits and Matthew visited not only to observe the manufacturing process but also to trial Target's induction range in the on site development kitchen.

When you buy a Target professional induction range it really is made especially for you.

Why not come and see for yourself?

Please call 01452 410447 for further information.



How Induction Cooking Works - "Captain Target" Explains! Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - September 2013

How Induction Cooking Works - "Captain Target" Explains!

"Captain Target" has joined the team at Target Catering Equipment!  Tasked with the mission to explain how induction cooking works, Target's super hero sets to work solving the mystery of induction cooking technology and explaining its benefits.


Education is key and changing the cooking habits of chefs used to cooking with gas is a challenge but, with the help of Captain Target, the benefits of induction and how induction cooking works is explored in a fun and exciting way.

In this first episode Captain Target gives you a general overview with some fun examples of just how special cooking with induction is.  Induction cooking can provide big financial savings, it's better for the environment, it's easy to clean, it provides a cooler working environment and can keep chefs in their "happy place"!

Join the induction revolution and start cooking on cool induction range cookers manufactured by Target.

Watch Captain Target now or call 01452 410447 for further information.

Cafe Kitchen Design Completes Cuppa Coffee Concept PDF Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - May 2013
Friday, 31 May 2013 00:00

Cafe Kitchen Design Completes Cuppa Coffee Concept

The newly expanded Cuppa Coffee And Cake cafe concept, at its recently opened Cheltenham Spa flagship site, includes a cafe kitchen design by Target Catering Equipment.

Brain child of designer Richard Baldwin, the cafe, run by brother Andy with Paul Bradford as executive head chef, is setting high standards in Cheltenham's café society.  Conveniently situated opposite Cheltenham Spa railway station, the new cafe is geared up to attract customers with its delicious food and fresh and striking interior design.

cafe kitchen design cafe kitchen design cafe kitchen design

Pushing out top quality food using the latest energy efficient cooking equipment, the Food Standards Agency, 5 Star hygiene award champion is testament to the efficient kitchen team.  Alongside custom made, Target stainless steel preparation tables and shelving, the cafe kitchen design features an easy to clean, purpose built Target induction cooking station and stacking Blue Seal convection ovens.

cafe kitchen design layout cafe kitchen design ideas cafe kitchen designer

With a DC Products Premium dishwasher fitting neatly under the bespoke Target manufactured stainless steel sink unit, which not only fits the awkward shape of the room but also maximises full use of the limited space available.

The clever, custom made commercial kitchen ventilation system features an inbuilt extract canopy fan.  This exhausts vertically through the pitched roof above with the stainless steel hood fitting perfectly into the pitched roof recess.

cafe kitchen design cafe kitchen design cafe kitchen design

Target also supplied the La Spaziele S2, 3 Group coffee machine and Astro grinder that sits proudly alongside a Lincat water boiler enabling the Cuppa Team to keep up with rush hour demands.  With easy clean filters and special steam wand cleaning device helping to keep the coffee machine clean, perfect coffee can be produced quickly time after time.

For further cafe kitchen design information please call 01452 410447.



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