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Electric Induction Hobs Transform Traditional Gas Range At The Moat House Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - November 2015

Electric Induction Hobs Transform Traditional Gas Range At The Moat House

With gas solid tops cracking up, open gas burners failing and uncontrollable gas ovens, Group Executive Chef, Matt Davies of the Lewis Partnership's flagship hotel, The Moat House at Acton Trussell, needed help renovating his outdated traditional gas range.

As owner, Chris Lewis, had recently installed energy monitoring equipment throughout the hotel, it was abundantly clear that the kitchen was haemorrhaging energy.  With a ventilation system that was struggling to keep up with the production of waste heat from the range and the continuing repair bills just to keep the old gas range going, it was time for a change.


Traditional Gas Range BEFORE Electric Induction Renovation

solid top gas range solid top gas cooker gas range

Having looked at many different solutions, Matt discovered Target Catering Equipment and working together, a plan was devised to convert the gas range to electric induction.  By installing Target commercial induction hobs, a commercial plancha griddle, pasta boiler and electric convection ovens the gas range would be converted into a commercial induction suite which in turn would transform the kitchen.

gas cooking suite gas cooking suite gas oven

On initial investigations it became clear that the chasis of the original range was in good condition although the gas components were not up to the job.  With this in mind Target designed a range of drop in electric units and started the job of removing the original built in gas units.  And so the transformation began.


Commercial Plancha Griddle

Group Executive Chef Matt Davies - The Moat House Acton Trussell French Plancha French Plancha

Induction hobs replaced the gas burners and the gas ovens were converted to electric convection ovens.  The gas fryer was removed and a pasta boiler installed.  An overhead high efficiency salamander rise and fall grill was also added.

As all work had to be completed without shutting the kitchen at this busy hotel, the Target engineers worked through the night in order to complete the task of converting the range from gas to an all electric induction range.


Traditional Gas Range AFTER Electric Induction Transformation

commercial electric cooking range induction stock pot boiler traditional gas range

Without loosing a single days revenue from kitchen closure, the transformation from gas to electric induction was completed.

Group Executive Chef Matt was delighted with the renovation and his kitchen brigade are now enjoying using the very latest induction cooking technology which has transformed the kitchen.

pasta boiler Kitchen Brigade The Moat House Acton Trussell commercial plancha griddle

Owner, Chris Lewis, continues to monitor the energy bills and is currently looking forward to a busy and energy efficient Christmas period whilst his staff are looking forward to a cooler, quicker and more productive kitchen.




Production Kitchen Design Helps The Pie House Double Output
Commercial Catering Equipment News - July 2015

Production Kitchen Design Helps Cinderhill Farm's Pie House Double Output

After a year of acclaimed success supplying Cinderhill Farm Foggys, Ridgebacks, Pies and Rolls, to the Gloucester northbound motorway services, and with the opening of the new southbound motorway services also putting a strain on their existing production kitchen, Deborah and Neil Flint needed a new production kitchen design to help them double production at Cinderhill Farm's Pie House.

Deborah and Neil contacted local catering equipment company Target Catering in order to help them come up with a design solution to allow them to cope with demand and utiliise the existing footprint at their Pie House based on their farm.

With production needing to continue whilst the kitchen was being refurbished, a temporary production kitchen was set up in Target's demonstration kitchen.

Cinderhill Farm Foggys Ready For Distributiion Production Equipment temporary production kitchen


All new Altro resin floors and White Rock hygienic finished walls along with a completely new electrical distribution system upgraded to a 3 Phase supply and emergency generator supplies ensure production will not be interupted.


Altro Wall Cladding The Pie House - Cinderhill Farm kitchen ventilation system


With the existing ovens unable to cope with increased demand, Target suggested a Rational Combination Self Cooking Center to increase output and reduce cleaning time.  The old gas range cooking facility was replaced with a Frima VarioCooking Center 211 and induction cookline.


potwashing facility production kitchen production kitchen layout


Potwashing and utensil washing by hand was replaced with a Granuldisk bead blasting washer with all equipment featuring HACCP software to record and control the cooking process thus ensuring consistent perfect results every time.

New refrigerated prep counters and chopping boards were introduced to speed up the preparation and hand forming of the products.

Blast chiilling before packaging and distribution and storage was improved with a "roll-in roll-out" trolley system which allowed chilling to be processed direct from the oven.  This reduced handling, utensil and baking tray use.


blast chilling trolley production kitchen equipment Cinderhill Farm


Target designed and project managed the complete project working alongside local tradesmen and builders preparing groundworks and new drainage systems ready for the new equipment installation.

"The whole project was made so much easier with the availability and use of the Target Demo kitchen" said Deborah.  Whilst utilising the temporary production facility pie production increased and The Pie House team were able to meet demands of both the northbound and southbound Gloucester motorway services.

Catering Kitchen Design Adds Induction Range In Kingham Plough Refurb Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - June 2015

Catering Kitchen Design Adds Induction Range In Kingham Plough Refurb

With TV screen and media recognition, chef proprietor Emily Watkins and husband Miles Lampson decided it was time to improve their dated kitchen, by investing in an energy efficient, Eco friendly, ergonomically designed kitchen, they would also improve work flow and productivity and create a better ambience for their kitchen brigade.

With lots of ideas of her own, Emily needed someone to help turn her dreams into reality.  Having previously worked with Target Catering Equipment, based in Gloucester, she asked Target's design team to work with her and using the very latest technology to switch her kitchen from being gas fired to being all electric and include an energy efficient, ultra fast commercial induction cooking range in the main cookline.


catering kitchen design Emily Watkins - The Kingham Plough electric salamander grill


Target's design team also recommended other equipment which was specifically designed to reduce energy consumption.  Fosters Eco range of fridges and blast chillers were specified and Target used thier stainless steel fabrication facility to customise the units in order to meet Emily's demanding and site specific requirements.

The main cookline was transformed with a Target Induction Range which included a double plancha with a new Lincat combination oven positioned alongside.

Also as induction produces very little waste heat, Emily decided that a bespoke island induction cooking suite would be ideal for the pastry section.  This would be accessible from both sides of the kitchen and once again improve workflow.


commercial kitchen ventilation dishwasher tabling 6 burner stove


With a new hot pass, a Target fast action salamander grill, and the Winterhalter, energy efficient heat recovery dishwashing system, despite some earlier misgivings about all the new technology being introduced into the kitchen, staff were soon enjoying the kitchen's transformation.

With the kitchen refurbishment scheduled for 2 weeks, and involving complete new Altro resin floors, walls and a new electrical distribution system, an extension to the ventilation system along with building work to accomodate new storage areas and cold room, the Target team had their work cut out.  With careful planning and attention to detail the refurbishment was completed 3 days ahead of scheduled handover allowing Emily plenty of time to prepare for the official new kitchen opening just before Cheltenham race week.

Emily's hard work and planning continues to pay dividends as The Kingham Plough has recently been awarded 2 stars by the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Emily discusses her new kitchen in the video below:




Hot Woks Noodle Bar Installs Cool Wok Induction Range
Commercial Catering Equipment News - January 2015

Hot Woks Noodle Bar Installs Cool Wok Induction Range

Oriental wok style cooking has always been associated with hot, flame filled kitchens with chefs labouring over high powered, water cooled gas stoves using vast amounts of energy.

So when Tim Constable found the ideal site for his open kitchen noodle bar and takeaway, which did not have a gas supply connected, he had to find an alternative fast, controllable, high powered heat source.


induction wok range wok induction range

After a trip to trial induction cooking at Target Catering Equipment's innovation and demonstration kitchen in Gloucester, it was clear that induction cooking technology was ideally suited to wok cooking.   Having curved galss and induction coils which are shaped to match the profile of the wok the induction cooktop optimises power which then passes into the wok.

The concentrated fast heat of induction opens up shop sites where kitchen ventilation and the use of gas causes complications with compliance to gas saftey regulations and planning conditions.

The Hot Woks Noodle Bar open kitchen is now offering food cooked for all to see in hygienic, safe conditions proving you can offer top notch oriental food cooked without the need for gas.

For futher information about wok induction cooking ranges please call 01452 40447.



Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication Completes Airstream Fit Out
Commercial Catering Equipment News - September 2014

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication Completes Airstream Catering Trailer Fit Out

As custom stainless steel fabrication specialists designing and building commercial kitchens suitable for small spaces, it was right up Target Catering's street when they were commisioned to build and install a catering facility within an American Airstream 1962 Trade Wind trailer.

With trailer conversions and specialist vehicles needing a road worthiness certificate, from 28th October 2014, it was essential that the first task was to get the iconic Airstream IVA tested.  Modifing the trailer to comply with European and British specifications, the Airstream was then examined at the Avonmouth DVA test station where the modifications passed with flying colours.


Kamado charcoal grill custom fabrication custom stainless steel commercial kitchen


Next came the fit out incorporating custom built stainless steel catering equipment and a complete mechanical and electrical installation.

LPG modular kitchen equipment from the Lincat 600 series range was chosen by Target and installed on a customised on a roll in roll out system making cleaning easy and allowing the cookline to be easily changed if needed.

To enable more working space within the trailer, the front servery counter was also fitted onto a roll in and out system.  This enabled the servery counter to slide out under the gull wing side doors and awning.  Lincat hot and cold table top servery display units were fitted over a hot cupboard and an Adande fridge freezer drawer unit.


custom stainless steel fabrication Airstream catering trailer custom stainless steel fabrication


At the frontend of the trailer a full size double catering sink with hand wash basin and under counter commercial dishwasher system were squeezed in place with a plate draining shelf positioned over.  Hot and cold water, along with power connections are supplied to the trailer from external services.

A purpose built kitchen ventilation canopy and high level ventilation system with designed and custom built by Target to ensure a comfortable working environment for the chefs working in the cantina with air quality and safety proven with a gas safety interlock system.

Set in the backend of the trailer is a Kamado Joe, Japanese style charcoal oven, which is ideal for smoking and slow roasting as well as BBQ grilling and searing.  This style of cooking uses lump wood charcoal which gives food a unique smoked flavour.

Airstream Catering Trailer Custom Stainless Steel Catering Equipment stainless steel fabrication

Having been lifted into position by specialist crane operators, the Airstream now enjoys a permanent site at the stunning Royal Oak in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, providing a venue for outdoor special events and functions in the large beer garden and entertainment area.

For further stainless steel fabrication infromation please call 01452 410447.




Commercial Range Offers Dual Fuel Option For Seafood Restaurant
Commercial Catering Equipment News - August 2014

Commercial Range Offers Dual Fuel Option For Seafood Restaurant

A commercial range combining induction hobs, gas burners and French style plancha grill provides Nigel Bloxham and the staff at Crab House Cafe, Dorset, with an all in one bespoke cooking solution.

A Target commercial range integrating induction hobs and gas burners, who would have thought it?  For the chef that could not face being without fire in the kitchen Target had the answer and so their latest stove  was built specially for Nigel Bloxham for use in his seafood restaurant kitchen which is located near Weymouth.


commercial range cooker commercial range Richard Sharpe Apprentice Chef Crab House Cafe

The new cookline also comprised 2 Adande fridge freezers with blast chiller option alongside Lincat filtration fryers, MKN combination ovens and the bespoke Target commercial induction stove with twin gas hob and Target plancha.  A fish preparation sink with stock pot tap and chopping board completed the cookline.


Crab House Cafe Chefs

The commercial induction range was designed by Nigel Bloxham to suit his very specific needs, it was then built by Target's specialist stainless steel fabrication team and installed by Target's skilled engineers.

commercial rangecomemrcial range commercial range

Simple straight forward no nonsense cookline solutions from Target made specially for you!

For further information please call 01452 410447 where a member of the Target team will be happy to help.

Induction Hobs Replace Gas At Eight Bells Inn Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - May 2014

Induction Hobs Replace Gas At Eight Bells Inn

Presitigious Cotswold's pub, the Eight Bells Inn located at Chipping Campden, had a problem.  The kitchen's gas equipment had been condemned and was non compliant because the ventilation system was old and inadequate.

Gas engineers recommended the complete replacement of the ventilation system just to remain compliant with regulations and this was going to be expensive.

gas range cooker

Neil Hargreaves, owner of The Eight Bells, thought there must be an alternative.  Following investigations he found that induction cooking may the answer but standard induction cookers would not be suitable for his kitchen.

Further investigations brought Neil to Target Catering Equipment, manufacturers of bespoke kitchen equipment and specialists in heavy duty induction cooking equipment.  Following a factory visit and induction cooking trials in Target's demo kitchen, the Eight Bells sceptical chefs found that Target's induction hobs were indeed faster than gas and more controllable.  Working together with Target's design engineers a bespoke induction range cooker that would slot exactly into the existing cookline was approved by Neil.


induction hobs commercial cooking range induction range cooker


All requirements for the new install were maticulously mapped out by Neil and including all new electrical service requirements, a new 3 phase power supply and the bespoke induction range cooker the complete refurb still proved to be cheaper than the original quote for a new ventilation system.

The Target induction unit was manufactured with precision to fit through the old medieval doorways in the ancient pub and it was easily manouvred into position over cobbled walkways on its height adjustable castors.


commercial induction range cooker




With all preparatory work carried out before installation, the kitchen did not shut, and Target's installation team completed the install of the new induction stove, salamander grill and deep fat fryer before lunchtime service.

For further details please call 01452 410447





Commercial Range Cooker Completes Gilpin Hotel Kitchen Refurb Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - April 2014

Commercial Range Cooker Completes Gilpin Hotel Kitchen Refurb

Gordon Cartwright, executive chef director at the lake district Gilpin Hotel & Lake House, commissioned a Target commercial range cooker with induction cooktop and plancha grill for his new all electric kitchen.

Visionary Dining founder Cartwright pushed all the boundaries and defied convention with his new kitchen design.  The creative kitchen has no defined pass but multiple food preparation and assembley areas, each with its own suspended heat lamp, hot holding station.


commercial range cooker commercial range cooker commercial range cooker


Portable induction hobs, sous vide water baths and other table top catering equipment is spread around the kitchen with the Target commercial induction range stove at the centre of the sections all ochestrated by Cartwright.

The induction range cooker requires no overhead ventilation in its central island position, with general kitchen ventilation provided by the original wall mounted extract system, the only thing remaining unchanged from the original old kitchen and saving a fortune in refurbishment costs.

Energy efficiency is a key driver for Cartwright and along with the induction stove, Target's rise and fall salamander grill with automatic plate detection bar, energy consumption is greatly reduced allowing an increase in bottom line profitablility.

For further information about Target commercial induction please call 01452 410447.






Induction Cooking Range Specified For Italian Cafe Kitchen Design Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - February 2014

Induction Cooking Range Specified For Italian Cafe Kitchen Design

A Target induction cooking range completes classic Italian Cafe's cookline for leading London equipment distributor and kitchen designer, Chiller Box Ltd.

Chiller Box re-designed the kitchen at Cafe Vergnano, located in London's South Bank centre development, and, whilst retaining certain elements to keep costs down, also supplied new equipment including a bespoke induction cooking range.

The deck pizza oven, Valentine fryers and pasta boiler line up was completed with a Target bespoke induction range which incorporates an induction cooktop and plancha with convection oven and grill under.  The bespoke induction cooking range is proving popular as a replacement to the traditional 6 burner gas range and equivalent radiant plate electric range.

commercial cooking range commercial kitchen induction kitchen equipment

Chiller Box designers now specify induction as part of their energy efficient kitchen design package and working together with manufacturer's Target Catering Equipment they can deliver bespoke induction cooking solutions to suit their clients' needs.

Chefs love the instant heat and control that induction cooking gives and when used alongside the plancha grill the ideal versatile cooking station is created.  With integrated work surfaces and upstands to sides and rear of the induction range, cleaning is made easy as spillages are contained on the worktop, cooking directly on the commercial plancha means less pots and pans and thus reduces washing up.

Induction cooking is the cool alternative - the future of cooking in the catering kitchen!

Please call 01452 410447 for further details.

Commercial Plancha Goes Front Of House At Tapas Restaurant Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - February 2014

Commercial Plancha Goes Front Of House At Tapas Restaurant

Tapas bar operators, Imogen and Kieran, owners of Bravas Bristol, chose a highly polished, high chrome steel Target commercial plancha to sit front of house at their new venture, Bakers & Co located on Gloucester Road, Bristol.

The plancha is to be the main focal point, sitting alongside a multi deck Tom Chandley bakery oven.  Ideal for fast, front of house cooking the countertop plancha has totally separate plancha plates ensuring no cross contamination of product during peak time cooking.

commercial plancha


Having previous experience cooking on a plancha, chef Imogen chose Target's double plancha because of its quality and separate plate design.  The separate plancha plate design, as well as ensuring no cross contamination of flavours, also ensures energy efficiency, as when only one plate is in use, little heat is lost to the second plancha plate.  This lack of heat creep from one plate to the other is also important when different working temperatures are required.

The Target commercial double plancha is a unique design with two seperate plates rather than a single plate with a machined divider in the middle of the plate, as can be found in other double plancha products.  Grease gullies around each plate maintain this total separation and drain into a large capacity drainage drawer enabling easy cleaning all around.

For further commercial plancha information please call 01452 410447.




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