Commercial Plancha Griddle


The Target high quality electric commercial plancha griddle is available as a table-top stand-alone unit or can be built into a Target bespoke range. The French plancha is favoured by chefs for its high temperatures and consistent even cooking. The Target commercial plancha is perfect for searing and sautéing as the plancha's cooking plate can be heated up to 230°C. The plancha operates with similar characteristics to a gas open burner or French Top, however is specifically designed for the traditional use of cooking produce directly on the plancha plate.

French Plancha
French Plancha Griddle
Commercial Plancha
Electric Plancha Grill
Electric Plancha

Target Commercial Plancha Features:

  • Manufactured using quality 304 catering grade stainless steel
  • 12mm mirror polished 304 grade stainless steel plancha plate
  • Electric filament heating element
  • Rapid temperature control - rotary control operated
  • Robust construction - fully welded
  • Built in drainage gully and removable dirt collection tray for easy cleaning
  • Can be incorporated into a Target bespoke induction stove with plancha

Countertop Plancha Options:

  • Single plancha grill (3.5kW) - 500mm (w) x 650mm (d) x 255mm (h)
  • Double plancha grill (7kW) - 900mm (w) x 650mm (d) x 255mm (h)
  • Ribbed or smooth or half ribbed/half smooth
  • With or without stand-alone stand

Plancha or Induction Solid Top?

If you are looking for a piece of equipment that you wish to use multiple, varying size pans on and require graded temperatures across the surface then the right piece of equipment for you is an induction solid top. Induction technology uses the pan as the heating element and therefore is a far more efficient method of cooking when compared to hot plate cooking and provides rapid temperature control.

If you are looking for a piece of equipment that you wish to sear or sauté produce directly on without the use of pans then this is exactly what a plancha is designed for and is perfect for your needs, offering greater consistency and controllability in cooking when compared to alternative electric griddle options. 

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