Induction Cooking Hints & Tips


  • Induction hob cooking is extremely efficient but the induction hob dislikes excessive heat which is why air circulation is important and why fans are required to move air over the induction engines to keep them cool; just like cars need water to keep them cool, induction hobs need a cool air supply.
  • Ensure the airways are not obstructed and the air filters are regularly checked and cleaned.
  • Do not place induction hob next to excessive heat sources like gas burners or ovens without ensuring they are protected from this heat. In the event of excessive heat the induction engines switch off and go into a safety mode until they have cooled down and it is safe to use them again.
  • Induction hobs can heat a pan to a red hot state if left unchecked, but the temperature sensors under the glass will cut the unit out before this happens provided that the pan is in contact with the glass surface to allow the heat to conduct back to the sensor. This means that induction hobs are incredibly safe to use.
  • The Ceran glass tops are also incredibly strong, but like everything, can be broken, so beware of shelves over induction hobs with pans or bottles on them that could fall and crack or break the glass tops. The Ceran glass tops are designed to withstand high temperatures and impact loads but they are not unbreakable. These glass breakages are not covered under warranty by the manufacturer.