Commercial Induction Range

As British manufacturers of the Target commercial induction range, Target has responded to customers needs and developed an induction cooking range using the very latest induction cooking technology. 

These seamless, heavy duty induction cooking ranges provide you with the opportunity to incorporate equipment of your choice into one seamless, heavy duty induction range creating an efficient and sustainable cookline.

 Focusing on quality, performance and reliability Target ensures the best solution is delivered for each and every one of their customers.

commercial induction range



  • 90% efficient compared to 40% efficiency of gas

  • Less air handling requirements

  • Minimal on-going maintenance required


  • Reduced risk of staff injuries and illness

  • Minimal risk of fire

  • Little waste heat = Cooler kitchen

  • Better staff morale from condensed labour input


  • Increase customer turnover

  • Optimise labour expenses

  • Minimal operational disruption due to faults


  • Highly accurate temperature control

  • Reduced likelihood of product spoiling

  • In-built component damage protection

  • Minimised staff misuse of appliances


  • Applicable to many different cooking styles

  • Provides extra space when not in use

  • Reduces requirement of multiple appliances


  • Can be powered by renewable energy sources

  • Supported by environmental funding schemes

  • Improves overall sustainability for businesses

  • Reduces company impact on the environment



The Target bespoke commercial induction range cooker can be manufactured as a wall, peninsula or island suite.  Tailored to suit you these commercial cooking ranges can incorporate the Target induction solid top / slide controlled top, which is suitable for small pan work as well as single pan use, along with square or circular induction zones, induction plancha grills, fryers, sinks and pasta boilers into the cooktop with convection oven and refrigerated drawers under and salamander grills and plate shelf over, all you need to suit your style of cooking and your kitchen. 

By working with you, Target will produce a commercial induction stove that's designed for you and that works for you.  Target's designers will produce a 3D CAD visual of your stove to enable you to view and make any changes as required prior to commencing manufacture.  Being easy to keep clean these Target professional induction cookers are a dream to own.  Why not trial this high performance induction stove for yourself?  Call now to book a trial!

induction wok range


The Target induction wok cooker range offers a high performance electric, energy efficient alternative to the commercial Chinese wok burner range which traditionally uses gas. Designed and manufactured by Target the Chinese wok cooker can satisfy chefs' and business requirements by using either single phase or 3 phase electric whilst incorporating any number of induction wok burners to suit you.

With minimal maintenance and ventilation requirements compared to traditional Chinese wok cookers, alongside quicker and more responsive induction wok cooktops, the Target commercial wok range is easy to keep clean, produces a cooler working environment and can also dramatically reduce your running costs.



The Target TR-Series delivers a standard 4 zone restaurant induction range with a choice of configuration options, including refrigerated drawers, ovens and fast-action salamander grills. The TR-Series incoprorates 4 induction hob zones with an induction plancha griddle, providing ultimate energy efficiency within the commercial kitchen. 


Manufactured alongside Target's bespoke commercial induction ranges, the Target standard collection of induction cookers offers an "off the shelf" option whilst incorporating the same very latest European commercial induction hob technology used by Target in the fabrication of their made to measure stoves. 

The "off the shelf" induction cookers produced by Target include; the induction stockpot cooker, with an extra large induction cooktop for ease of use when producing stocks and Japanese Ramen; the 900mm wide catering cooker with a high powered induction cooktop and a convection oven under; the restaurant induction range which incorporates high powered, round induction coils in the induction cooktop alongside a French placha flat top grill with a gastronorm 1/1 compatible convection oven and storage shelves under and the T8-2 Zone wok induction range which features the very latest DualCool® technology.

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INDUCTION: Making the Right Decission?

Want to know more about Target Commercial Induction? Take a look at our FAQ's and advice on commercial induction catering equipment .


WARRANTY: Commercial Induction You Can Rely On!

Target commercial induction ranges are manufactured in the UK using quality European induction components.
Designed for heavy duty commercial use Target commercial induction is fully supported with a 3 year parts and labour warranty. 


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