The latest new restaurants have fitted Target wok induction range cookers, opening up sites in high footfall areas.  Target designs customised induction cooking ranges using wok flow glass suitable for use with traditional steel woks made by the London Wok Company as used in most oriental and Asian kitchens.

Wiht heat generated directly in the wok that is fast and precise with little waste heat, kitchens are much cooler to work in and are not full of oil mist vapour as they can be in traditional gas fitted kitchens making cooking safer and healthier for staff.

Targe use a knee operated valve to supply clean fresh water for washing woks between cooking different dishes and have an integrated sink and waste perforated container inset into the sinks to catch and collect debris from the cooking proces helping to prevent blocked drains.

Cleaning is made so easy as nothing burns onto the cooking surface which can be kept clean by simply wiping over with a damp cloth during service and at the end of the night saving hours spent cleaning for staff as well.

Without the requirement for water flowing across the wok range to keep it cool and stop debris burning onto the surfaces the water consumption is massively reduced and with less energy wasted operating costs are also reduced which has to be good in competitive times where every penny saved increases profit.

To find out more about Target's wok induction raneg cookers why not book a trial at the Target demonstration kitchen where you can also discuss your requirements with our design team?