Commercial Range Cooker Completes Gilpin Hotel Kitchen Refurb

Gordon Cartwright, executive chef director at the lake district Gilpin Hotel & Lake House, commissioned a Target commercial range cooker with induction cooktop and plancha grill for his new all electric kitchen.

Visionary Dining founder Cartwright pushed all the boundaries and defied convention with his new kitchen design.  The creative kitchen has no defined pass but mulitple food preparation and assembley areas, each with its own suspended heat lamp, hot holding section.

Portabe induction hobs, sous vide water baths and other table top catering equipment is spread around the kitchen with the Target commercial induction range stove at the centre of the sections all orchestrated by Cartwright.

The induction range cooker requires no overhead ventilation in its central island position, with general kitchen ventialtion provided by the original wall mounted extract system, the only thing remaining unchanged frok the original kitchen and saving a fortune in refurbishment costs.

Energy efficiency is a key driver for Cartwright and along with the induction stove, Target's rise and fall salamander grill and automatic plate detection bar, energy consumption is greatly reduced allowing an increase in bottom line profitability.

For further information about Target commercial induction please call 01452 410447.