Thai Restaurant Coverts From Gas To Inductioon Wok Cooker Range

Faced with a bill of over £20,000 to replace their kitchen ventilation system, owners of the Ruan Thai Restaurant in Weymouth needed to find an alternative solution.  Induction cooking was suggested as a possible answer and following a search on the internet they found induction wok cooker manufacturers Target Catering Equipment.

Following a visit to Target's demonstration kitchen to trial the induction wok cooking technology, a design was prepared for a new induction cooking system to replace the existing gas cooking equipment.

With restricted access into the kitchen, the equipment needed to be modular in design.  The one piece solid induction cook top was also designed to fit through a window.  The induction range was then simply assembled and plugged into the newly installed electrical socket outlets.

The equipment was up and running prior to their busy evening service.

For further information please call 01452 410447.