Hot Woks Noodle Bar Installs Cool Wok Induction Range

Oriental style cooking has always been associated with hot, flame filled kitchens with chefs labouring over high powered, water cooled gas stoves using vast amounts of energy.

So when Tim Constable found the ideal site for his open kitchen noodle bar and takeaway, which did not have a gas supply connected, he had to find an alternative fast, controllable, high powered heat source.

After a trip to trial induction cooking at Target Catering Equipment's innovation and demonstration kitchen in Gloucester, it was clear that induction cooking technology was ideally suited to wok cooking.  Having curved glass and induction coils which are shaped to match the profile of the wok, th induction cooktop optimises power which then passes into the wok.

The concentrated fast heat of induction opens up shop sites where kitchen ventilation and the use of gas causes complications with compliance to gas safety regulations and planning conditions.

The Hot Woks Noodle Bar open kitchen is now offering food cooked for all to see in hygienic, safe conditions proving you can offer top notch oriental food cooked without the need for gas.

For further information about wok induction ranges please call 01452 410447.