Commercial Range Offers Dual Fuel Option For Seafood Restaurant

A commercial range combining induction hobs, gas burners and a French sytyle plancha grill provides Nigel Bloxham and the staff at Crab House Cafe, Dorset, with an all in one bespoke cooking solution.

A Target commercial range integrating induction hobs and gas burners, who would have thought it?  For the chef that could not face being without fire in the kitchen Target had the answer and so their latest stove was built for Nigel and his seafood restaurant kitchen located near Weymouth.

The new cookline also comprised 2 Adande fridge freezers with blast chiller option alongside Lincat filtration fryers, MKN combination ovens and the bespoke Target commercial induction stove with twin gas hob and Target plancha.  A fish preparation sink with stock pot tap and chopping board complete the cookline.

The commercial induction range, designed to suit Nigel's very specific needs, was built by Target's specialist stainless steel fabrication team and installed by Target's skilled engineers.

Simple straight forward no nonsense cookline solutions from Target made specially for you!

For further information please call 01452 410447 where a member of the Target team will be happy to help.