Bonny Inn - Salesbury, Lancashire


Designed and manufactured to be millimetre perfect in order to fit into the kitchen, the Target, energy efficient professional induction stove is the latest addition at The Bonny Inn, chosen by Micheal Heathcote to complete his new central island kitchen design.

The island induction cooker incorporates two mirror finished planchas and slide controlled induction solid top for multiple pan use along with round and square induction coils for stock pot cooking.

Integrated under the induction cooktop is a Blue Seal E31D4 convection oven which fits snuggly alongside Target's remotely mounted induction generators.  Positioned for optimum cooling of the induction cooktops the remotely positioned generators allows extra space for useful adjustable storage space under for pots and pans.

An overhead rise and fall salamander grill compliments the cookline and pass having automatic plate detection and hot holding capacity as well as fast action grilling capability.

The professional induction stove has its own built in electrical distribution system which only requires one connection to incoming 3 phase mains power making installation quick and easy for the team of Target engineers.

A combination oven, charcoal oven and grill alongside FriFri fryers and Merrychef accelerated cooking system, compliments the cookline, providing this small but perfectly formed kitchen with a wide range of cooking systems to produce high quality output to cater for every taste at this well renowned hostelry.

For further information about Target's professional induction cooking range pelase call 01452 410447.