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Let a FRIMA master chef demonstrate to you the fascinating variety of cooking methods, excellent food quality, ease of use and just how much easier work can be with VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY¬ģ. The programme includes boiling, frying, deep-frying, sous-vide cooking and much more. The results will inspire you!

What you can expect:

  • Maximum searing power
  • Maximum speed when heating up
  • Accurate cooking results
  • Intuitive operation
  • Cook without monitoring
  • Quick and easy cleaning
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Efficiency in Food Prep - Hotels & Restaurants

Want to improve effciency and consistency in food preparation within your hotel or restaurant kitchen? Let Robot Coupe demonstrate a range of products designed for commercial operations, that can make it possible...

Products Demonstrated:

  • Combi Machine - Combined bowl cutters and veg preparation
  • Stick Blenders - Hand held commercial blenders
  • Robot Cook - Hot or Ambient Cooking Cutter Blender

9:30 am09:30

Introduction to Induction

New to induction technology and want to learn more? The target 'Introduction to Induction' demo gives you the opportunity to put Target commercial induction to the test, experience it in action and learn about how investing in induction technology can revolutionise your commercial kitchen.

Demo Includes:

  • Introduction to induction technology - How it works and the benefits of induction
  • Live cooking demo - Cooking techniques using induction
  • Introduction to Target induction products and options available
  • Q&A Session