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Choosing Catering Equipment To Reduce Energy Costs

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on Wednesday, 20 July 2011
in Catering Equipment

Choosing Catering Equipment To Reduce Energy Costs

With the vast choice of catering equipment available today, it can be a minefield when trying to choose equipment which will not only save on energy costs but also reduce the every day pressures of running a catering business.

8 Pieces Of Catering Equipment To Reduce Energy Costs And Ensure A Smooth Running Catering Business

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  1. Induction catering equipment offers the greatest energy savings for equipment in the kitchen
  2. Programmable cooking centres and combination ovens offer control at the push of a button optimising energy use with measured cooking hours.
  3. Water grills replace chargrills offering direct heat transfer from the electric grill bars into products, with water vapour keeping products moist and trapping grease and juices in the water bath underneath ensuring ease of cleaning and reduced grease carry-over to ventilation systems.
  4. Refrigerated drawers can replace upright fridges and freezers and do not allow chilled air to "spill" out when the doors are opened.  This means compressors do not have to work hard to keep products cold.
  5. Insulated dishwashers keep heat in where it is required together with integrated water softeners ensuring water boilers are efficient.  Drain water heat recovery also reduces energy bills.
  6. Compact water boilers and instantaneous water heaters mean you only heat the water you need reducing waste heat and again cutting energy costs.
  7. Ventilation system speed and efficiency controllers maintain comfortable working temperatures and do not suck out valuable warm air from your kitchen unneccessarily.
  8. Vacuum Packing machines can lower the cost of food by ensuring correct portion size, reducing food wastage and enabling  safer food storage.  Vacuum packing can also help spread the work load as food can be prepared and kept in top condition until it is needed for service.

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