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Running An Energy Efficient Kitchen - Our Guide

Posted by targetadmin
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on Tuesday, 03 March 2015
in Commercial Kitchens

Running An Energy Efficient Kitchen - Our Guide

Running an energy efficient kitchen isn't just about reducing your footprint and helping the environment.  It's going to help save you money too - something we all want to do.  But how do you go about making your kitchen a more energy and money efficient place?

Here are our tips.

Keep it clean

Your kitchen should be clean at all times anyway.  It is the place you prepare everything you eat, after all.  But it's also important to keep it clean if you want to preserve energy too.  Any burnt pans need a thorough clean, plus, the reflective shine you get from a real clean helps reflect heat up to the cookware too.  The dirtier, grimier, and darker it is, the more heat it'll absorb.

Appliances matter

When fitting your kitchen out, you should look for the appliances that have been advertised as the most efficient.  There's often a mark of approval to signify that the appliance has been built with energy efficiency in mind.

Convection ovens are the go-to choice for anyone looking to save energy.  The heated air is circulated which in turn, helps reduce cooking times and the temperature required.  In fact, it's thought that you'll use approximately 20% less energy each month with these types of oven.

The cookware

In general we recommend that you always go for flat bottomed cookware.  This type allows for more contact with heating elements which then heats the pan more effectively.  Warped-bottom pots can use up to 50% more energy.

The material from which the cookware is manufactured also matters.  Pans that have copper bottoms heat quicker than regular pans, thus making them more energy efficient.


Some like to turn the oven or hob on to warm a pan while they prep veg, but this is only wasting energy.  Get all the prep done before you turn anything on.  Defrost foods in your refrigetrator before cooking too.  Just make sure they're well covered.

Those are our top four tips on how to make your kitchen more energy efficient.  If you have any other good tips, let us know!


Sustainable Catering Equipment - Kit For Energy Efficient Kitchens

Posted by targetadmin
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on Thursday, 13 December 2012
in Catering Equipment

Sustainable Catering Equipment - Kit For Energy Efficient Kitchens

Sustainable catering equipment: products that are made locally, use renewable energy, reduce energy consumption and can be recycled after use.  Selecting sustainable catering equipment can provide significant savings as well as improving working conditions in the commercial kitchen.  Catering kitchens expend large amounts of energy with 23% of energy consumption in a typical catering business being used for cooking.  Here are 5 pieces of energy efficient catering equipment that will help you cut costs.  

  • Combination ovens and programmable cooking centres - cooking control at the push of a button optimising energy use with measured cooking hours and the ability to cook several dishes at the same time.

  • Commercial dishwashers - insulated dishwashers keep heat in where it is required, coupled with integrated water softeners ensuring water boilers work efficiently.  Choose dishwashers that have been developed to enhance water and electrical saving efficiency as well as detergent and water softener consumption and labour saving capability.  Drain water heat recovery systems can also help reduce energy bills.


  • Induction hobs and commercial induction range cookers offer the greatest energy savings for commercial kitchens.  With limited residual heat, as heat is generated in the pan, this produces an energy saving and also when the magnetic field is broken on removal of the pan, the hob switches off, allowing for further energy savings.  Reducing the amount of heat being generated in the kitchen also means ventilation systems can be run on minimum settings, this will allow for further energy savings.

  • Hot Cupboards - all Target Catering Equipment's hot food holding cabinets are fully insulated, maximising use of heat generated within and ensuring energy efficiency along with safe, cool surfaces.  Thermostatic control and humidity features guarantee food contents are held in perfect condition. Target's heated gantries can also be manufactured to include individually switched lamps, reducing the need for all lamps to be left on when not in use and therefore producing additional energy savings in the kitchen.

  • Eco Grills - the workhorse of so many kitchens, the salamander grill is usually left on and ready for use.  Energy saving electric ribbed elements offer an alternative to the traditional gas salamander grill.  With plate and rack sensors switching the grill on and off when required and the addition of a simple timer and individual element switches, you can start saving energy and controlling food production effortlessly with this piece of equipment.

Take some of the waste heat and energy out of your kitchen; incorporate energy saving products into your new commercial kitchen design or replace old equipment with sustainable, energy efficient catering equipment and start saving today.

For further information and advice about Target's sustainable catering equipment please call 01452 410447.

Induction Hobs v Gas Hobs - Do The Facts Stack Up?

Posted by targetadmin
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on Wednesday, 20 July 2011
in Induction Cooking

Fact: gas hobs are  inefficient compared to induction hobs when it comes to cooking.

A comparative test showed a gas burner, rated at 6kW took twice as long to boil water as an electric i-hob induction hob rated at 3kW.

Gas vs Induction

View our Induction Hob vs Gas Hob YouTube Video

Double the time and double the power when using gas - what does that cost mean to your catering business?

Test Details:


1 kWh gas = 3.5p

1 kWh electric = 8.5p

Time taken to boil a pan of water:

Gas hob - 6 mins

Electric induction hob - 3 mins

kW Rating:

Gas hob - 6kW

Electric induction hob - 3kW


Gas hob:  6/60 (time taken - 6mins) x 3.5 (cost per kWh) x 6 (kW rating) = 2.1p (total cost)

Electric induction hob:  3/60 (time taken - 3 mins) x 8.5 (cost per kWh)  x 3 (kW rating)  = 1.275p (total cost)

Cost saving = 0.825p by using induction or put another way 40% off your gas bill.

Factor in automatic pan detection with induction hobs and reduce consumption to only when a pan is actually on the hob.

Gas costs 64.7% more to do the same job.

Switch to induction hobs from gas cooking and start saving on energy bills now.  Induction hobs and bespoke induction ranges available from Target Catering Equipment

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Electric Vapour Grills - The New Way To Chargrill?

Posted by targetadmin
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on Saturday, 25 June 2011
in Catering Equipment

Electric Vapour Grills - The New Way To Chargrill?

This unique range of humidifying, radiant electric vapour grills will enable you to rethink the way you chargrill.  The addition of a water tray, located under the grill, allows evaporation during cooking, so the meat remains tender and cleaning is made easy with grease and juices simply collected in the water.

Target Catering Equipment selected these electric vapour grills for their innovation and energy efficiency in catering equipment, has been given to these outstanding electric vapour grills.  These electric vapour grills can replace the traditional indoor BBQ gas chargrills traditionally used in many pubs and restaurants.


electric vapour grill


  • Fast controllable heat without waste energy.
  • Clean cooking - fat and juices collect in the water bath under the grill plates which saves hours of cleaning
  • Moisture provided by the water bath reduces shrinkage and prevents drying out of meat
  • Speed of cooking - heat is generated in the grill bars which take little time to warm up

This new way of healthy cooking, with fat content being reduced in the cooking process and dropping safely into the water bath, will mean that less grease enters the ventilation system or kitchen reducing the carcinogenic by products produced in the cooking process and grease carry over into filters and exhaust ducting.

When asked to review the Electric Vapour Chargrill these are the comments a customer of Target Catering Equipment recently provided:

  • it cooks meat very quickly and to a high quality
  • energy efficient - you can turn off when service is quiet - the required cooking temperature is reached within 1 minute of turning on, so as the customer walks in, you can turn the grill on and by the time you've taken their order, it's ready to cook
  • in busy times when the grill is working flat out there is no irritating smoke
  • it is a much more comfortable way of cooking - in busy times when turning meat you do not get burnt hands
  • rediculously easy to clean - takes a maximum of 10 minutes to clean and there is no scrubbing involved as the grease and burnt bits collect in the water tray which can just be emptied and refilled
  • on a gas grill you need to change the lava rocks every once in a while.  Even if you don't want to replace the lava rocks, in order to clean the grill the lava rocks must be removed and cleaned and the burnt on grease needs to be scrubbed off which can take up to an hour

The Electric Vapour Chargrills are available in a single deck or twin deck version with or without a stand.