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Wood Fired Pizza Oven - 7 Tips To Help You Choose The Best

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on Saturday, 07 January 2012
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7 Tips To Help You Select The Best Wood Oven For You

There is a lot of difference between a domestic wood fired pizza oven, which may be used on an occasional basis and a commercial oven which will be in constant use and need to retain high temperatures day in, day out.

Here are 7 tips to consider when making your choice:

  1. Weight - The thicker and higher density the specialist refractory concrete base and dome are the heavier the wood oven will be.  Commercial pizza ovens need to be of thick construction to be able to withstand high temperatures at constant use.
  2. Shape - The correct shape enables heat differential to be retained in the dome and oven base, this is essential for even cooking.
  3. Flue Position - The position of the exhaust flue should be at the mouth of the oven.  This is important as it enables airflow to produce the right temperature in the oven, optimising temperature of the hearth and roof of the oven.
  4. Speed - In commercial use a rotating base offers not only managability of cooking for staff but also speed of throughput of product, essential when creating fresh product in a busy restaurant.
  5. Efficiency - Being manufactured from high quality refractory concrete will enable the oven to retain its heat longer making it more energy efficient whether it is a gas or a wood fired oven.
  6. Provenance - Make sure you are buying the genuine article from a supplier with a history of producing quality products.  Ask to visit the factory if possible.
  7. After Sales Support - Technical and after sales support is essential for every commercial operation.  Any downtime will mean loss of revenue.


wood fired pizza oven


The MAM Forni rotating base, commercial wood fired pizza oven offers the following advantages:

  • the rotating pizza oven surface allows the pizza maker to speed up his work
  • as the pizzas do not have to be turned they are less likely to break up or burn
  • the rotating baking surface has an uniform temperature which is very important when cooking pizza
  • pizzas can be produced in less than 2 minutes
  • the oven is easier and more manageable to use

Wood Fired Pizza Oven 3D Cut Away Visual

Time is the key element when casting the heavy duty refractory concrete used in MAM Forni Italian wood fired ovens.  Vibratory compaction takes place in moulds and the final curing is under water for 36 days or more. This ensures the best quality components cast to withstand the high pizza oven temperatures required to cook the perfect pizza.

There are several components which make up your wood oven, below is a cut away 3D visual of the components.

wood fired oven

How Your Wood Fired Oven Is Installed

Each wood fired pizza oven is factory checked in the UK to ensure all components fit and have not been damaged in transit prior to assembly by our specialist team of installers.


wood fired pizza oven wood fired pizza oven wood fired pizza oven

Dressing The Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Once assembled, the wood oven is boxed in ready to accept a dressing of your choice.  From brick slips, tiles and rough rendering the choice is endless and enables you to create your own unique brand.

wood fired pizza oven wood fired pizza oven wood fired pizza oven


Pizza Making Equipment

Target also supply a range of pizza prep counters, dough mixers and rollers and ancillary equipment - all you need for making the perfect pizza.

Target Catering Equipment is the sole UK distributor for MAM Forni wood fired pizza ovens.  Call 01452 410447 for further details.


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