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Induction Hobs v Gas Hobs - Do The Facts Stack Up?

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on Wednesday, 20 July 2011
in Induction Cooking

Fact: gas hobs are  inefficient compared to induction hobs when it comes to cooking.

A comparative test showed a gas burner, rated at 6kW took twice as long to boil water as an electric i-hob induction hob rated at 3kW.

Gas vs Induction

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Double the time and double the power when using gas - what does that cost mean to your catering business?

Test Details:


1 kWh gas = 3.5p

1 kWh electric = 8.5p

Time taken to boil a pan of water:

Gas hob - 6 mins

Electric induction hob - 3 mins

kW Rating:

Gas hob - 6kW

Electric induction hob - 3kW


Gas hob:  6/60 (time taken - 6mins) x 3.5 (cost per kWh) x 6 (kW rating) = 2.1p (total cost)

Electric induction hob:  3/60 (time taken - 3 mins) x 8.5 (cost per kWh)  x 3 (kW rating)  = 1.275p (total cost)

Cost saving = 0.825p by using induction or put another way 40% off your gas bill.

Factor in automatic pan detection with induction hobs and reduce consumption to only when a pan is actually on the hob.

Gas costs 64.7% more to do the same job.

Switch to induction hobs from gas cooking and start saving on energy bills now.  Induction hobs and bespoke induction ranges available from Target Catering Equipment

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