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Commercial Kitchen Design - 9 Points To Consider

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on Wednesday, 20 July 2011
in Kitchen Design

Commercial Kitchen Design - 9 Points To Consider

Careful consideration to commercial kitchen design, prior to embarking on your kitchen installation, will ensure you end up with a kitchen which suits you as well as your staff and will work efficiently during your busiest service times.

  • Do I need planning permission?
  • What sort of catering equipment will be needed and will this require a specialist kitchen ventilation system?
  • Have designated work areas been defined for different operations in the kitchen to incorporate a smooth work flow?
  • Have wall and floor finishes been chosen that are safe and easy to keep clean?
  • Is catering equipment chosen energy efficient, easy to keep clean and service and from a local, reliable and trusted source?
  • Is frozen and chilled storage, as well as dry goods storage been incorporated in order to make production easy set under counters near point of use?
  • Has enough space been allowed for easy movement around the commercial kitchen?
  • Has cleaning been made easy with sinks and a designated bucket sink in the cleaning area?
  • Dishwashers are great, but what happens if they break down? Make sure you have at least 2 sinks in dishwashing tabling so that you can wash by hand if necessary.

Check out energy efficient catering equipment which can be incorporated into your commercial kitchen design.

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