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Commercial Induction Hob - 8 Tips For Buying

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on Monday, 18 July 2011
in Induction Cooking

Commercial Induction Hob - 8 Tips For Buying

Thinking of purchasing a commercial induction hob?  Check out these 8 points before you buy - make sure you get the correct induction catering equipment for your kitchen.

  1. How much will your comercial induction hob be used and what for? Light Duty Twin Induction Hob shares 3kW of power across the zones whereas a Heavy Duty Twin Commercial Induction Hob gives 3.5kW output capacity per zone, make sure you purchase an induction hob which gives you the correct amount of power.
  2. What power supply is available in your kitchen - Light Duty Induction is 240V 1 phase or Heavy Duty Induction is 400V 3 phase
  3. Ventilation - commercial induction hobs require a reduced amount of ventilation but the positioning of your induction hob is important - make sure that induction air cooling vents are not blocked or sucking in hot air from other pieces of catering equipment.  Keep air cooling filters clean.
  4. Positioning your commercial induction hob - Ceran® safety glass can be broken with sharp points or heavy objects falling onto the glass - make sure that your induction hob is not positioned underneath shelving which contains heavy objects which could fall and break the saftey glass.
  5. Do you require a portable table top induction hob or inset into a work surface or mobile cooking station? Commercial induction hobs can be both table top or inset, whether they are light duty or heavy duty.
  6. If you require an inset induction hob do you want it inset into a mobile induction cooking suite? Do you require a sink built in for easy filling and emptying of heavy stockpots?
  7. Do you need refrigeration below the commercial induction hob? - this will provide easy access to chilled products for cooking.
  8. Do you want to position an oven close to your commercial induction hob cooking area? A simple electrical convection oven or a programmable cooking centre combination oven can be built into your induction cooking suite alongside your induction hob or induction cooking range to make an efficient cooking area.

By considering these points before you invest in a commercial induction hob for your catering kitchen, you will be able to purchase the ideal induction hob combination to suit your kitchen and your needs.

At Target Catering Equipment we listen to you and design the commercial induction cooking suite to suit your requirements.  Have a look at some of the commercial induction cooking station combinations we have already manufactured.

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