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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation - 8 Tips To Help You Choose The Correct System

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on Tuesday, 19 July 2011
in Kitchen Ventilation

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation - 8 Points To Help You Get It Right

Commercial kitchen ventilation is one of the most important elements to get right when designing or refurbishing a commercial kitchen.  Here are 8 tips to help you ensure you get it right.

  1. Gas or electric catering equipment? - the type of fuel you cook with determines the type of system you will need.  Gas produces dangerous by products of combustion which must be removed.
  2. Consult with the local authority - their advice is invaluable as conditions must be complied with.  It could prove costly if you don't as they can enforce the removal of illegal, non compliant ventilation systems.
  3. Choose your grease filters carefully - the type of filters you use can reduce grease carry-over.  Mesh and baffle filters are only around 40% efficient at removing grease.  Cyclone cartridge filters are 96% efficient.
  4. Make sure your fan is quiet and powerful enough - the fan should be correctly sized and easy to access for cleaning.
  5. Fit a speed controller - this will help to reduce energy consumption.
  6. Keep duct runs to a minimum - this will make cleaning easier.  Also make sure ductwork has regular inspection and access hatches to make cleaning easier and accessible for insurance inspections and cleaning records.
  7. Consider your neighbours - when positioning the kitchen ventilation outlets high level outlets are best.  Fit odour control filters or Ozone Plasma systems to reduce odours to acceptable levels
  8. Don't forget supply air - your extraction system can only work efficiently if it can suck air into the kitchen as well as out.  Make sure supply air vents are fitted and are not blocked.  Gas equipment needs combustion air otherwise it will produce carbon monoxide - a silent killer.

When using gas catering equipment you need to fit a Gas Safety Ventilation Interlock System to your commercial kitchen ventilation system to prevent gas equipment use in the event of a ventilation system failure.


Target Catering Equipment offer an alternative solution to gas range cooking with their energy efficient Commercial Induction Catering Equipment.    This can reduce your commercial kitchen ventilation system specification along with the installation costs as well as providing energy saving benefits, reducing running costs and helping the environment.