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Refrigeration Equipment - Energy Saving Refrigerated Drawers

Versatile,  efficient refrigeration equipment giving better food for the customer

Adande's unrivalled temperature stability reduces the time that the engine spends cooling your foodstuffs, resulting in significantly lower energy consumtion than with conventional cabinets or drawers.

Catering Refrigeration - Refrigerated Drawers

With conventional refrigeration equipment, the cold air falls out each time the door or drawer is open.  Food is exposed to ambient air attacks, and energy  is wasted.  Unique insulated drawers retain cold air on opening: the cold air simply has nowhere to go.

The unmatched temperature stability means longer food life and better food quality for the customer (as the temperature before cooking is consistent).  This is true in fine dining kitchens working with for example, seafood, icecreams or sorbets and in quick service restaurants where some items may be cooked from frozen.  This is combined with the versatility to change from fridge to freezer in one degree increments.

Refrigeration Equipment - refrigeration system which is more flexible than any other counter refrigeration system

Another great advantage of the Adande refrigerated drawer range is the flexibility of its footprint than any existing counter cabinet or drawer system shile still offering the useful options of work surface or platform for cooking equipment (e.g. broilers, ovens, and microwaves). Indeed a drawer can be set directly under a cooking device.

Catering Refrigeration - Adande Refrigerated Drawers

Several QSR's in The UK and USA have found that by working the drawers into their cook lines they have reduced movements in the kitchen (e.g. fewer trips to the upright or walk-ins at the back of stores) and as a result reduced preparation times significantly, and therefore increased productivity (more meals served at peak times).

Adande is perfect for all types of food storage

Catering Refrigeration - Refrigerated Drawers

A combination of the energy savings, lower maintenance costs (seal life and cleaning) and increases in efficiency in the kitchens provides large returns to owners and pays back the initial costs quickly.

Adande Refrigeration Equipment  - Advantages

Smooth Freezer Drawers

  • Unlike conventional refrigerator and freezer drawers, Adande units have all their moving parts outside the cooled area. Runners won't ice up and get stuck.

Hygienic and Easy To Clean

  • Each insulated drawer is made from strong moulded plastic-just like a cool box. There are no dirt traps. The drawers are completely removable for deep cleaning.

Blast Chiller Option

  • Adande blast chiller drawers have a powerful double-cooling system.  Plus, each drawer retains full flexibile temperature functionality, providing versatile fridge or freezer storage where you need it most.

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