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Rational Combi Oven Culinary Applications

With the Rational SelfCooking Center®, you will calmly approach daily kitchen chores: baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, braising, blanching, poaching and much more, all in a single unit. There is no transfer of flavours even with the most different products. Vitamins, minerals and nutrients are preserved.

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Roasting - Even Overnight

Meat is a very expensive and demanding raw material.  Each piece of meat needs special individual treatment to bring out the best in it.  Also, meat can be prepared in very different ways.  The Rational Oven SelfCooking Control® takes all of these factors into consideration along with regional cooking and eating customs.

Rational SelfCooking Center - Roasting Rational SelfCooking Center - Roasting Rational SelfCooking Center - Roasting

No matter whether it's cooked or braised meat, roast beef, leg of lamb, saddle of venison, spare ribs or roast with crackling, everything is optimally browned and succulently tender to the core - and fully automatically.  Pieces of different sizes can be reliably cooked at the same time, over and over again - even overnight.

Pan-Fried Food Made Easy

With the Rational SelfCooking Center® you can prepare pan-fried meat like escalopes, cutlets, medallions as well as a wide variety of breaded products - easily, without looking after them.

Rational SelfCooking Center - Pan Fried Foods Rational SelfCooking Centre - Pan Fried Foods Rational Self Cooking Centre - Pan Fried Foods

The special granite enamelled containers also ensure that pan fried cuts are perfectly browned underneath.  Does away completely with time consuming and laborious turning.

100 Steaks With A Perfect Grill Pattern In Only 11 Minutes

Large amounts of grilled food perfectly prepared in next to no time.  The unique GriddleGrids give steaks, fish and vegetables a typical grill pattern.

Rational SelfCooking Centre - Cooking Steaks Rational Self Cooking Center - Grilling Rational SelfCooking Centre - Pan Fried Food

Effortless success, even with frozen products.  You simply lay fresh or frozen products on the GriddleGrid and load the Rational SelfCooking Center® - that's it.

Bakery Quality - At The Touch Of A Button

Preparing dough requires utmost care.  The greatest challenge is to optimally bake the laboriously prepared dough.  Only a particularly sensitive and precise regulation of humidity and airflow speed can ensure this.  No matter whether sweet or savoury, small or large, fresh or frozen, with or without proofing, full or partial loads - everything is automatically baked according to your requirements in the Rational SelfCooking Center®.

Rational Self Cooking Center - Baking Rational SelfCooking Center - Baking Rational SelfCooking Centre - Baking

You decide on the degree of browning from light to dark - and Rational SelfCooking Center® does the rest.  Forget conventional inputs such as temperature, cooking time, air flow speed and cooking cabinet climate.  Continuous checking, setting adjustments and complicated programming are a thing of the past.

Baking with the Rational SelfCooking Center® is child's play.  Even without any experience you will bake like a professional - at the touch of a button.

Finishing® - Crispy Succulent Grilled Chicken In Only 18 Minutes!

Using traditional methods of preparation a 1, 100g chicken takes 50 minutes or longer to produce.  Then the grilled chickens are usually kept warm, resulting in a steady loss of crispness and succulence.

With the Rational SelfCooking Center® you produce grilled chickens fresh for serving in only 18 minutes - courtesy of Finishing®.

Rational Self Cooking Centre - Finishing Rational Self Cooking Centre - Finishing Rational SelfCooking Center - Finishing

The grilled chickens are produced beforehand in the Rational SelfCooking Center®, lightly browned - whenever you have the time.  Immediately after being removed from the Rational SelfCooking Center® the grilled chickens are cooled, thus avoiding further unwanted cooking.  The hygiene of grilled chickens prepared in this way is guaranteed perfect and they can be stored in the refrigerator for a number of days.

Not until you actually need the grilled chickens do you use Finishing® to give them the final browning and crisping - just press the button.

Fish and seafood at a new perfection

There is always just one way to achieve the perfect cooking result for you fish.  Rational SelfCooking Control® knows this way and follows the regional cooking and eating conventions or your special preference.

Whether it's 50, 200 or 400 fish, whole or filleted - poached, baked, grilled or fried classical style in the pan - everything is fully automatically cooked to perfection with SelfCooking Control®. Trout, salmon, cod, tuna, shrimp and much more is prepared with just one touch of the button.

Rational SelfCooking Center - Fish And Seafood Rational Self Cooking Centre - Fish And Seafood Rational SelfCooking Center - Fish And Seafood

The patented CombiGrill grids provide a perfect grilling pattern at all times.  Just lay the fresh or frozen products on the CombiGrill grid and load the SelfCooking Center® - That's it!  Depending on whether you want the fish medium or welldone, temperature, time, cooking cabinet climate and airflow speed are perfectly adjusted.

Combi Ovens - Suddenly Everything's So Simple

So you can cook an incredible variety with just one touch of the button.  No matter whether it's quail, young chicken or chicken, steamed, roasted or grilled, large or small, whole or in parts, full or partial loads - select poultry, define result, that's it!

The default setting automatically browns your roast to a beautiful and succulently tender state in the regional manner at the centre.  So simply do what SelfCooking Control® suggests or combine your personal browning and degree of cooking.

Egg And Dessert Dishes With Just One Touch Of The Button

How do you prepare scrambled eggs, flan or souffle?  What temperature, how much cooking time and what humidity is optimal relative to the load and size?  It's magic with SelfCooking Control®.

Rational Combi Cooking Egg And Dessert Dishes Rational Self Cooking Center - Cooking Eggs And Desserts Rational Combi Oven - Cooking Egg And Dessert Dishes

Boiled or scrambled eggs for breakfast, sweet or savoury souffles, flan, egg garnish, pudding or steamed noodles, you can cook it fully automatically with SelfCooking Control®, no matter how large or how many units.  SelfCooking Control® automatically sets the time, temperature, humidity and airflow speed and continuously adjusts them.

You have perfect meal quality from the first day - with just one touch of the button.

Combi Ovens - Suddenly Everything's So Simple

You can cook the most different egg and desserts dishes with just one touch of the button.

Rational Combi - Egg Dishes Rational Combi - Cooking Egg Dishes Rational Combi - Poached Eggs

No matter if large or small, fried or cooked, full or partial loads - just select egg dishes and dessert, define result, that's it! The default setting always automaticallt cooks your egg and dessert dishes to profection. Just do what SelfCooking  Control® suggests or select your personal result.

Side Dishes Take Centre Stage

Side dishes are prepared in the most diverse ways: steamed, fried, grilled or deep-fried. This can be done at any time with SelfCooking Control®. Whether it's crispy chips or other convenience potato foods, steamed, fried or baked potatoes, steamed or grilled vegetables, dumpling, rice of any kind or origin or plain dried noodles in the sauce - cook all that with just one touch of the button.

Rational Combi - Side Dish Cooking Rational Combi - Side Dishes Rational Combi - Side Dishes

In patented CombiFry® baskets you can prepare large quantities of pre-blanched products in only a few minutes - entirely without fat. SelfCooking Center® fries have up to 36% fewer calories. Costs for buying, storing and disposing of fat are saved in entirety. Casseroles and au gratin dishes are always a complete success in the SelfCooking Center®. If needed, gratins are automatically cooked with a crust.

Combi Ovens - Suddenly Everything's So Simple

With just one button you can cook French fries, croquettes, rosti and many other potato dishes, from frozen or fresh whether large or small, full or partial load. All you ever have to do is select potato products, define the result and that's it! With the default setting the products are automatically optimally browned and crispy. Just do what SelfCooking Control® suggests or select your own browning.