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With the RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® you can relax in the knowledge that the demanding daily kitchen routine is under control: you can bake, roast, steam, blanch, poach and much more, all in a single unit.

  • The RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® cooks up to 15% faster than conventional Combi- Steamers, saving you both time and money.
  • The SelfCooking Center® replaces or relegates to minimal floor space 40-50% of all conventional cooking appliances such as hot air ovens, stoves, boiling pans, steamers and deep-fryers.
  • During every cooking process SelfCooking Control® automatically makes use of the full technical potential of the RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® on your behalf. So you always get full value for your money.

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SelfCooking Control® - the cleverer the technology, the simpler the use.

  • There is no need for conventional inputs such as temperature, time and humidity, or complicated programming, constant monitoring or the other routine jobs.

Rational SelfCooking Center Control Panel

There's never been anything like it before!

  • SelfCooking Control® automatically detects product specific requirements, the size of the food to be cooked and the loaded quantity. Cooking time, temperature and the ideal cooking climate are individually calculated and continously adjusted to achieve the result you want. A display shows the remaining cooking time.


Intelligent care for maximum operational reliability.

Cut Costs

  • CareContol automatically detects the current level of soiling, the general care status and - just in time - optimises the cleaning process to minimise the use of chemicals, water and power. That is better for the environment.

Say goodbye to limescale as a risk factor.

  • Special scale-dissolving ingredients contained in the care tabs prevent limescale building up in the first place. This guarantees maximum operational reliability at all times, even without expensive water softeners or time-consuming descaling.

SImple To Use:

  • open the drawer
  • insert the tablet
  • That's it!

Spotless hygiene overnight - automatically

  • More intelligent cleaning keeps the SelfCooking Center®, with CareControl, clean, shiny and hygienic.

100% fresh steam for healthy food

  • The patented steam generator supplies fully saturated fresh steam every time for top food quality.  There is no possibility of odour or taste transfer in mixed loads.  There is no possibility of contact between the food and any dirt or contaminants in the water.

Significantly less space requirement -

  • maximum capacity - minimum footprint

RATIONAL engineers have achieved a breakthrough in the reduction of space required for both electric and gas models.  Enjoy the same large oven capacity along with greatly improved performance in a smaller footprint.

The SelfCooking Center® fits into any space.  Now it couldn't be easier to replace old convection ovens, steamers, etc. Overall height is so low that you can conveniently install either the floor model or the Combi-Duo under your existing ventilation hoods.

Low rack height for maximum working safety

Working above eye level with full, hot containers can be very dangerous.  That's why trade associations and insurers stipulate a height restriction for the top rack.

RATIONAL is already setting new standards with the SelfCooking Center® the top rack in every Rational SelfCooking Center® is at a height of only 1.60m (5'3").