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EHO's Happy With Commercial Kitchen Ventilation In Listed Building Print E-mail
Commercial Catering Equipment News - Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Latest News
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 11:46

EHO's Happy With Commercial Kitchen Ventilation In Listed Building

Ventilation within a commercial kitchen environment is extremely important.  Designing and installing the correct ventilation system in a listed building can prove to be a nightmare as the system must not only comply with Planning Regulations and Listed Building Consent Approval but also keep Environmental Health Officers happy.

With complete ventilation system specifications and detailed drawings,Target Catering Equipment, working together their clients, who were planning a new restaurant venture based in Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds, were able to provide the exact system which complied with all the regulations and was accepted by all parties concerned.

Ozone Plasma Odour Neutraliser - Kitchen Ventilation Odour Control System Compact Induction Cooking Station Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System

The new kitchen ventilation system was designed to include an Ozone Plasma Odour Neutraliser which would reduce smells to a minimum and use existing chimney flues.  By combining energy saving i-hob induction hobs with programmable electric ovens, the ventilation system requirements were also kept to minimum.

Call us on 01452 410447 to discuss your commercial kitchen ventilation needs.



Induction Cooking Stations - Ships' Cooks Get The Latest Induction Cooking Technology
Commercial Catering Equipment News - Induction Cooking Stations Latest News
Monday, 06 September 2010 00:00

Induction Cooking Stations - Ships' Cooks Get The Latest Induction Cooking Technology

Problem: Ships' Cook Training Kitchen Needed To Replace Old Inefficient Gas Ranges

Solution: Energy Saving i-hob Induction Hobs With Intelligent Pan Sensing And Programmable Electric Convection Oven And Grill


  • Low Energy And Power Consumption
  • Easy To Wipe Clean - Ceran® Heat Resistant Glass
  • Easy And Safe To Use
  • Simple Rotary Control Hobs

South Tyneside College, world renowned Marine and Technical College is being led into the 21st Century by Principle Lindsey Whiterod.  Senior Catering Technician, Peter Foley, was tasked to find energy efficient induction hobs and advanced convection ovens to replace antiquated gas ranges in the Ships' Cooks and Catering training kitchen.

South Tyneside CollegeSouth Tyneside College - Logo

Managing Director and ex Merchant Navy Engineering Apprentice Cadet David Pedrette, of Target Catering Equipment, was delighted to receive the enquiry from his former Marine Engineering Training College, where he had gained the skills and confidence to start his own business on leaving the Merchant Navy.

Induction Cooking Station In Ships' Cooks Training Kitchen Induction Cooking Station At South Tyneside College

Target is currently manufacturing galley catering equipment for use by the Royal Navy in the two new aircraft carriers currently being built, as well as induction cooking stations and induction hobs which are being used extensively throughout the UK in schools, colleges, training kitchens and commercial kitchens.

Target specialise in keeping heat out of kitchens and galleys by optimising heat use with effective ventilation systems and cool operating i-hob induction hobs and induction cooking stations, designed and manufactured by Target.

View Of The River Tyne 2010 Merchant Navy Memorial The Custom House Pier 2010

Now the college has this latest up-to-date technology it hopes to increase student numbers.  The portable induction hobs are also ideal for off site demonstrations, using standard 13 amp electrical plugs so outreach staff can introduce this new technology to other users.

South Tyneside College, which has a world renowned reputation for the quality of it's marine training, runs catering courses with ships' cook training  in mind.  The students, who learn in fully equipped kitchens which supply food to their commercial restaurant and retail outlet, are now able to enjoy cooking on the very latest  induction cooking equipment from Target Catering Equipment.

Visit www.stc.ac.uk where you can find out more about the Ships' Cooks' course.


Servery Counters - The Boat House Sails Again
Commercial Catering Equipment News - Servery Counters Latest News
Sunday, 11 July 2010 12:30

Servery Counters - The Boat House Sails Again

Out of disaster opportunites come - The Boat House, formerly known as King John's Tavern, Mythe Road, King John's Island, in Tewkesbury, which featured heavily during the famous 2007 Gloucester floods, is no exception.

Mike and Wendy Wakeman took this amazing site on, as an ongoing concern, following a refurbishment, and are now offering their famous farmhouse, home cooked style carvery and grill.

Servery Counters - The Boat House, Tewkesbury Servery Counters - The Boat House, Tewkesbury

With the aid of new carvery servery counters, designed by their ex Toby Inn's manager, Saul, together with Target Catering Equipment, the restaurant goes from strength to stength.

Servery Counters - The Boat House Servery Counters - The Boat House

Segafredo coffee is served on The Terrace overlooking the River Avon and it's wier, as yachts moored alongside provide a backdrop befitting the South of France on lazy summer days.

The old kitchen equipment is also soon to be replaced, with the aid of a Carbon Trust Interest Free Loan, secured by Target, who is a registered Carbon Trust Supplier.  The energy efficient equipment will enable The Boat House to keep its energy costs to a minimum whilst maximising profitability.

Call us on 01452 410447 we can design and manufacture servery counters to suit your needs

Kitchen Ventilation Systems - Listed Buildings Ventilation And Ducting
Commercial Catering Equipment News - Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Latest News
Friday, 28 May 2010 10:06

Kitchen Ventilation Systems - Listed Buildings Ventilation And Ducting

Following complaints of curry cooking smells, Target Catering Equipment were contacted to devise a method of ducting the offensive odours away from complainants and aid dispersal of any remaining odours into the atmosphere.

Kitchen Ventilation Systems - Indian Restaurants Kitchen Ventilation Systems - Indian Restaurants

The latest ozone odour neutralising technology was also used, alongside heavy duty grease filters, disposable particulate filters and activated bonded carbon filters.

The high level ducting, on the listed building, had to be disguised and boxed in to look like a chimney.  Target used specialist access equipment for this installation, which is now awaiting final approval from the council for the type of duct covering.

Kitchen Ventilation Systems - Listed Buildings Kitchen Ventilation Systems - Listed Buildings

Target Catering Equipment specialise in kitchen ventilation systems for all types of kitchens and can even apply for Planning Permission, Listed Building Consent and Building Regulation conformance for their clients.

Ducting can be disguised in sensitive historic and visually important sites, to reduce visual impact and blend into the surroundings, making previously good sites that were potentially unsuitable due to ventilation issues including smell, noise and visual impact sensitivity, possible for change of use.

Target Catering Equipment provide solutions, to the needs of the environment and our customers, for sustainable business growth.

Call us for further help and advice - or email using the contact form provided and we will get back to you as soon as we can



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