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Commercial Catering Equipment News - May 2012
Thursday, 07 June 2012 14:49

Sustainable Catering Equipment Is Sweet Success For Food Factory

Yaadgaar Foods of Bradford, manufacturers of authentic Asian sweets, pastries and  breads in the former Yorkshire Dales Bakery, had spiralling energy costs and antiquated cooking processes that needed updating.

They contacted Target Catering Equipment, specialists in sustainable catering equipment and manufacturers of a range of high power induction cooking equipment, to help.  It was initially thought that changing the gas cooking processes to electric induction would be the answer but following an initial factory visit it became immediately obvious that induction cooking was not the solution.  The energy efficient Frima VarioCooking Center 311 was suggested as a viable alternative.

Yaadgaar Asian sweets sustainable catering equipment Yaadgaar Foods sustainable catering equipment - Frima 311 Vario Asian sweets on display

With massive ingredient quantities and the need to use large pans, manual lifting was an issue along with the heat and waste energy generated during the production process.  The high energy costs had to be reduced and a 30 day free trial was arranged through Target Catering Equipment for the largest Frima 311 VarioCooking Center® with a working capacity of 150 litres.  Following trials and tests the Frima finally demonstrated massive energy savings and improvements in productivity, whilst also reducing health and safety issues within the factory.

The special basket lifting system and automatic tilting mechanisms, along with the built in filling and emptying drainage system, speeded up production and made cleaning easy.

susatinable catering equipment Frima VarioCooking Center

Most importantly HACCP records for the Frima download onto a USB stick providing complete production records and temperature control analysis, not to mention production control records showing exactly how and when the Frima was used and times taken in the cooking processes.

With the latest sustainable catering equipment from Target Catering Equipment, Yaadgaar Foods is already enjoying energy cost savings and the Asian specialist bakery and food business is efficiently producing products for their chain of shops in West Yorkshire.

For further information about the Frima VarioCooking Center® please call 01452 410447.