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Commercial Catering Equipment News - April 2012
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 14:24

Induction Proves Spot On For Baker Brothers

Induction cooking technology has teamed up with a traditional wood fired baking oven to produce a winning combination at Hobbs House Bakery and Bistro in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire

Following the successful, Channel 4 Fabulous Baker Brothers series, Tom and Henry Herbert, along with Cotswold Food And Drink Award winning chef Anthony Smith from the Nailsworth Bistro, turned to local manufacturer, Target Catering Equipment, to design a cooking range and workstation using the lastest Target ihob induction range of equipment.


Fabulous Baker Brothers At Hobbs House Bistro Nailsworth Hobbs House Bistro Nailsworth Gloucestershire Cakes on display at Hobbs House Bakery And Cafe


The induction cooking range was made to accomodate a new undercounter drawer fridge and existing Blue Seal convection oven and incorporated an overhead heated gantry and shelf unit which would allow chef Anthony to keep food piping hot once ready for service.  The new induction unit also contained 2/1 gastro cooling racks which were designed to hold the Hobbs House bakery products.

Installed next to the wood fired oven,  the induction cooking range optimises full use of the limited space within the kitchen.


induction cooking range Hobbs House Nailsworth induction range cooker Hobbs House Hobbs House Bistro kitchen installation

Target also designed and installed a new ventilation system in the kitchen following special listed building consent for an unobtrusive ventilation outlet at low level. Combined grease, particulate and odour control filters, an optional extra, were also fitted to comply with EHO requirements for grease and odour control.



induction cooking range

The amount of equipment that's squeezed into this small kitchen is unbelievable but everything fits perfectly and is easily to hand.  Chef Anthony Smith's daily routine is now much easier and his  cooking area is no longer a through route in the kitchen.

"We love the induction hobs you've put in for us at Hobbs House Bistro in Nailsworth.  2 thumbs up from Chef Antony Smith and I'm sure William Morris would also approve. #BeautifulandUseful"

Tom Herbert

Hobbs House Bakery

4 George Street