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Gloucestershire Businesses Go Green At GFirst's Energy Trade Fair
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Friday, 15 July 2011 08:54

Gloucestershire Businesses Go Green At GFirst's Energy Trade Fair

Gloucestershire businesses wanting to optimise energy use and save money were shown how at the GFirst Energy Trade Fair at Wycliffe College, Stonehouse.

Making the most of what you've got has never been so important, with soaring energy prices it has become increasingly important for businesses to cut energy bills and overheads in order to remain profitable.


This unique Gloucestershire Energy Trade Fair demonstrated the opportunites available to generate your own power using renewable resources and benefit from "feed in" tariff payments for energy supplied to the national grid, as well as ways of conserving energy already used by uitilising the latest energy saving technology in industrial processes and around the home.


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Target Catering Equipment demonstrated how, by using induction cooking technology as well as other controlled cooking processes, energy consumption can be dramatically saved in commercial catering establishments.

Saving energy can sometimes produce greater savings than investing in power generation systems, but by combining both and adopting new cooking methods you can be a winner in the competitive hospitality and catering business world.

If you missed this latest event another Energy Trade Fair is scheduled make sure you come to the next Energy Trade Fair, or you can trial Target Catering Equipment's energy efficient induction catering equipment at their demonstration kitchen in Gloucester.

Call Target Catering Equipment on 01452 410447 to arrange an induction cooking demonstration, or contact GFirst on 01452 328300 for information about the next Energy Trade Fair.