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Commercial Induction Hob - Heavy Duty Induction Hobs
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Commercial Induction Hob - Heavy Duty Induction Hobs

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Commercial Induction Hob - Heavy Duty Induction Hobs

Target Catering Equipment's range of heavy duty, stainless steel, commercial induction hobs feature 400 Volt 3 phase induction generators providing power and energy efficiency.  The heavy duty induction hob is available for table top use or built into commercial induction range cookers.

Suitable for the busiest of catering environments, these industrial induction cooktops incorporate the latest range of quality induction generators. Intelligent controllers provide diagnostic interrogation and set up ensuring optimum induction cooking results.

Variable fan cooling optimises electronically controlled temperatures and in turn guarantees extended warranted service life.


Commercial Induction Hob


Commercial Induction Hob Combinations:

Different induction hob generator combinations can be incorporated into a bespoke induction range cooker to suit your requirements.

  • single ring induction hob
  • wok induction hob
  • 2, 4, 6 and 8 ring combinations
  • square induction hob zones - this allows for multi pan use over a single zone
  • round induction hob zones - suitable for single pan use, with a larger zones available for large pans and stockpots
  • solid top, power slide induction zones - suitable for multi pan use replicating variable temperatures across the zones
  • single phase and 3 phase power
  • 3.5kW and 5kW power rating induction hobs

All Target Catering Equipment's commercial induction hobs carry a 3 year warranty.

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