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Vacuum Packing - Magic Vac Jumbo
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Vacuum Packing - Magic Vac Jumbo

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Vacuum Packing - Magic Vac Professional "Jumbo"

Jumbo Model - Professional Stainless Steel Vacuum Packing Machine


  • Self-lubricating double pump for faster vacuum
  • 435mm sealing bar with forced air cooling for continuous operation
  • Unique rapid Auto-Marinating Function (approx 12 minutes)
  • Automatic cycle to vacuum and heat seal bags
  • Automatic cycle to vacuum containers
  • Manual setting for delicate foods
  • Adjustable sealing time (3 settings)
  • Patented Lock & Unlock system with gas springs for easy opening
  • Hose Port for Auto-Marinating and vacuum packing containers
  • Analogue vacuum guage for accurate manual control
  • 31.5 litres / minute nominal flow rate
  • Max vacuum -0.85bar
  • 240V 50Hz 380 Watt

Includes Starter Kit which comprises:

  • 2.5 litre square container for marinating
  • vacuum hose for connecting containers
  • 40 x 600mm roll
  • bag cutter
  • selection of sample bags