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Rational CombiMaster CM 201E
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Rational CombiMaster CM 201E

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Rational CombiMaster Combination Oven CM 201E

Electrically Operated Rational CombiMaster Combination Oven CM 201E

For meat, fish, poultry, side dishes or bakery products, the type of food, size and quantity are detected fully automatically.  The desired result is perfect every time.

With the Rational CombiMaster you can relax in the knowledge that the demanding daily kitchen routine is under control.  With 5 cooking modes - Hot Air, Steam, Combination, Vario-Steam and Finishing - the limitless culinary variety of the Rational CombiMaster is at your disposal.  Baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, braising, blanching, poaching and much more, all in one single unit.

The Rational CombiMaster cooks up to 15% faster than conventional Combi-Steamers, saving you both time and money.  The CombiMaster replaces or relegates to minimal floor space 40-50% of all conventional cooking appliancs such as hot air ovens, stoves, boiling pans, steamers and deep-fryers.

Five Cooking Modes Selected Using Only One Knob

Moist Heat at 100°C:

Rational CombiMaster - Moist Heat Mode

  • Moist Heat mode is ideal for blanching, boiling, steaming, simmering, and soaking.  The powerful fresh steam generator constantly produces hygienic fresh steam.

Dry Heat 30°C - 300°C:

Rational CombiMaster - Dry Heat Mode

  • Dry Heat is best suited to roasting, grilling, gratinating or baking.  You can cook tender fillets, crispy cutlets and even light bakery products with an evenness which sets new standards.

Combination 30°C - 300°C:

Rational CombiMaster - Combination Mode

  • The combination of Moist Heat and Dry Heat prevents food drying out, minimise cooking shrinkage and at the same time ensure even browing.  You get up to 50% less cooking shrinkage compared with traditional cooking methods, with considerable shorter cookng time.  Use this mode for roasting, stewing, braising and glazing.

Vario-Steam 30°C - 90°C:

Rational CombiMaster - Vari-Steam Mode

  • Gentle cooking below 100°C with maximum steam saturation.  Effortlessly successful, even for large quantities of extremely sensitive foods such as creme caramel, vegetable flans, delciate fish or mousse lines.

Finishing Function:

Rational CombiMaster - Finishing Mode

  • Today it is standard practise to keep food warm.  This frequently leads to loss of quality.  Finishing with the Rational CombiMaster does away once and for all with the need to keep food hot.  Finishing allows you to prepare food to perfection in a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere.

Rational CombiMaster CM 201E Specifications:

  • 20 x 1/1 GN shelf capacity
  • 150 - 300 meals per day
  • temperature range 30°C - 300°C

Dimensions:  879 W x 791 D x 1782 H (mm)

Power:  37kW