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Commercial Induction Hobs - Heavy Duty

Commercial Induction Hobs - Heavy Duty Induction Hobs

Commercial induction hobs, manufactured by Target Catering Equipment, are available as table top cooktops or built into cooking stations and induction cooking ranges.

Available in various sizes and induction zone options, these powerful 3 phase cooktops offer an extensive choice and energy saving benefits for commercial kitchens.


commercial induction hob

Commercial Induction Hobs - Induction Cooking Stations

Induction cooking stations, incorporating heavy duty induction hobs, can be used as stand alone units or incorporated into the main cookline.

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Commercial Induction Hob - Heavy Duty Induction Hobs IHHD2 Heavy duty, powerful commercial induction hob - 3 phase catering induction hobs available as a table top cooktop or built into cooking ranges and suites - suitable for use in commercial catering kitchens. Product Details