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Induction Cooking Stations - Mobile Cooking Stations

A range of induction cooking stations is manufactured by Target Catering Equipment using quality, catering grade stainless steel which is both hygienic and durable in the commercial kitchen.  Mounted on castors, each induction cooking station is easy to keep clean and portable for ease of maintenance.

compact induction cooking station six zone induction cooking station compact induction cooking station with ventilation system 6 zone induction cooking station

Each induction cooking station incorporates the very latest Swiss induction cooking technology.  The cooking stations can include catering equipment from leading manufacturers including Rational Combi Ovens, Blue Seal Convection Ovens, Adande Refrigerated drawers and Lincat table top equipment such as Fryers and Grills, the choice can vary depending on the menu of the establishment and the cooking style of the chef.

Budget and space are the two biggest factors when considering which cooking station will be suitable for your catering kitchen.  As Target Catering Equipment manufacture each station, they can adjust sizes to suit your dimensions.  The cooking station can also be manufactured to suit your budget and the initial capital outlay spread by the addition of catering equipment as and when needed.

Induction Cooking Station benefits:

  • reduced ventilation requirements
  • energy efficient - saving you money on energy bills
  • ease of cleaning - saving you time on cleaning and maintenance
  • manufactured to suit your exact kitchen layout

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, please call us on 01452 410447, we are here to help.

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