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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

As well as standard commercial kitchen equipment, Target manufactures their own range of stainless steel catering equipment for the food service industry.  From stainless steel tables, sinks and shelves to bespoke hot cupboards, service counters and dishwasher systems which compliment Target's induction range cookers and commercial induction hobs.

Supplying commercial catering equipment from all leading manufacturers to fit alongside Target's stainless steel fabrications provides you with the best possible options in your commercial kitchen.

Back of house or front of house, Target Catering Equipment offer equipment to suit all budgets and specifications.

  • Get your commercial kitchen up and running with Target's complete commercial kitchen design, manufacture and installation service.
  • Let us manufacture that bespoke piece of stainless steel catering kitchen equipment that is not available "off the shelf".
  • Reduce energy bills in your commercial kitchen with Target's commercial induction hob range of energy efficient induction range cookers and induction cooking stations.
  • We can source catering equipment which will best suit your needs and your budget from any of the leading catering equipment manufacturers.

Listed below is a selection of commercial catering equipment available from Target Catering Equipment.

If you can't find what you're looking for please call 01452 410447 - we will be happy to help.



Commercial Induction Hobs - Light Duty

Commercial Induction Hobs - Light Duty (4)

Commercial Induction Hobs - Heavy Duty

Commercial Induction Hobs - Heavy Duty (2)

Frima Bratt Pan

Frima Bratt Pan (4)

Electric Plancha Grills

Electric Plancha Grills (6)


Grills (3)

Induction Range Cookers

Induction Range Cookers (3)

Induction Workstations

Induction Workstations (3)

Rational Combi Ovens

Rational Combi Ovens (12)

Convotherm Mini Combi Ovens

Convotherm Mini Combi Ovens (6)

Blue Seal Convection Ovens

Blue Seal Convection Ovens (3)

Lincat Catering Equipment

Lincat Catering Equipment (25)

Adande Refrigeration

Adande Refrigeration (5)

Commercial Frontloading Dishwashers

Commercial Frontloading Dishwashers (3)

Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial Coffee Machines (9)

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe (3)

Commercial Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial Steam Vacuum Cleaners (0)