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Featured Product

Light Duty And Heavy Duty Induction Hobs - Induction Cooking For All

Target Catering Equipment's light duty induction hobs and heavy duty induction hobs are being used in all the places that exclude the use of conventional catering equipment.  Reducing energy use and increasing profit is important in catering applications big or small.

Target manufactures bespoke induction appliances which provide easy to operate, easy to clean and easy to service unique cooking stations to suit specific requirements.

Recently commissioned by customers based in the Orkney Islands,  Target Catering Equipment's, "large" heavy duty, energy efficient 6 zone induction hob cooking station replaces existing energy inefficient equipment as Orcadians push to reduce carbon emissions.

commercial induction equipment

Whereas the "little" light duty, energy efficient 4 zone induction hob cooking station, which is ideally suited to small confined spaces with poor ventilation and limited power supply capacity, was recently commissioned by a local coffee shop and provided a powerful cooking station which utilised the small kitchen space to the full.

Target's dynamic duo, light duty induction and heavy duty induction, makes induction cooking accessible to everyone.

For further advice as to what induction cooking technology is suitable for you, please call 01452 410447.

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Featured Product: April

Energy Efficient Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Is your commercial kitchen ventilation fan ERP compliant?

The ERP or energy related products directive supports the aims of the EU climate and energy package by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly designs, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, whilst increasing the use of re-useable energy sources in the EEA by 2020.

The main focus of the ERP directive, in commercial kitchen ventilation units, is to increase combined fan and motor energy efficiencies by 20%.

commercial kitchen ventilation systems

Target Catering Equipment use ERP compliant fans in all their commercial kitchen extraction system manufacture.

This is good news for everyone as 20% efficiency improvements mean lower running costs, an important feature in a competitive world.

Make sure you ask about ERP compliance to help achieve a better energy performance rating.  Combine this with Target's energy efficient induction range cookers and suites and make significant energy savings in your catering kitchen.

Please call 01452 410447 for further information.

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Featured Product: February

Table Top Induction Hob - Buffets And Hot Food Holding

Target's table top induction hob is ideal for buffets and hot food holding.  By using induction cooking technology to keep food warm at the buffet table, food is not only kept at the correct holding temperature with a precise, controllable heat source, but because the electric induction hob is cool to the touch, there is reduced risk of burns and scalds than when using traditional heating equipment with canned fuel or open flames.


buffet induction hob, hot food holding


Combining Target's plug in, 4 zone induction hobs with stylish induction chafing dishes, these electric induction hobs not only offer an effective way of presenting your hot buffet front of house, but at the end of service, the hobs can be used as an extra cooking facility back of house in your catering kitchen.

For further information about Target's table top induction cooktops please call 01452 410447.


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