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Commercial Range Cooker With Inbuilt Fryer

This energy efficient commercial range cooker was built to replace an inefficient electric radiant plate range.

The induction cooktop was paired with a high specification, electric, energy efficient FriFri fryer.  As no naked flames are produced with induction cooking, this meant that fire risk from flash over was eliminated and the electric fryer was able to be inbuilt into the range cooker next to the induction cooktop, fully utilising the small space available in the kitchen.

commercial range cooker

Alongside the induction cooktop enough free space was available for the addition of a table top, Clifton Food Range, sous vide water bath.  A Blue Seal oven provided a programable GN 1/1 convection oven and grill, and was incorporated under the cooktop.

The commercial range cooker instantly gave contract caterers, Vacherin, equipment versatility to create the varied fine dining menu they needed to provide for their clients Ince & Co, International Law Firm in London.

For further induction range cooker combinations please call 01452 410447


Featured Product

Commercial Cooking Range

The latest bespoke commercial cooking range, manufactured by Target, was designed to fit within a restricted work space and provide an extended worktop surface which could accomodate existing table top equipment.

With two Blue Seal E27M2 ovens positioned under a highly polished French plancha grill and a slide controlled induction cooktop, the commercial cooking range provides a seemless and powerful induction cooking suite.

commercial cooking range

The French plancha grill has precise, rotary temperature control and the slide controlled induction hob has a graduated temperature cooking surface which is ideal for multiple small pan use.

As the induction cooktop is set flush with the stainless steel top, the whole surface is also able to be used for food preparation when not being used for cooking.

With the commercial cooking range set on castors, the suite can be easily moved providing easy access for cleaning behind.

For further information or to discuss your commercial cooking range design, please call 01452 410447.


Featured Product

Induction Stock Pot Cooker

According to Auguste Escoffier in his 1907 publication A Guide to Modern Cookery "... stock is everything in cooking ... Without it, nothing can be done."

Target's induction stock pot cooker is designed for use in the busiest of commercial kitchens and makes the production of stock effortless whilst at the same time being energy efficient and having reduced ventilation requirements.

induction stock pot cooker

Available as either a 3kW 1Phase unit or a 5kW 3Phase unit the cooker consists of a fully welded stainless steel housing. A robust rotary control knob allows for the easy control of temperature settings in order to bring stock quickly to a rolling boil or reduce temperature to obtain a gentle simmer.

The 5kW induction stock pot range is able to accomodate stock pots up to 40cm, 47 litres with the 3kW cooker being suitable for stock pots up to 36cm, 24 litres.

For further information please call 01452 410447.





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